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Parenting . . .

Mason’s making me wish I can go back to sleep and start the day over again . When is this kid gonna learn ? Why the hard way is his only option . No matter how many times we tell him life is a CHOICE . He chooses to make the same mistakes at least 20 times until I punish him from the world for him to understand . Is it that he is spoiled ? Where did I go wrong ? Should I have spanked him growing up ? I didn’t like it but I listened to my parents .

How do I get my point across to my kids with the correct discipline ? What is the correct discipline ?

Is there a right and a  wrong way ?

My children are my life and when I feel that they are disrespectful to me I feel that somewhere I have failed as a parent . I don’t know why anyone would take advantage of someone who already does everything for them . Is that my bad for always being there for them ?


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Digging real deep … We all don’t have to but it might help let go

Dana Malave    I had a talk the other day with John Milton Fogg . He had brought to my attention I needed to go deeper and really pay mind to what I am saying. At least that is one of the things I had gotten out of the conversation . Among plenty of other things. You can change what you look like on the outside . That is great . But if you never change what is going on in the inside you will always be the same. 

  At this point I am digging real deep. I need to release whatever is holding me back. I truly want to be free from the deep rooted habits and thoughts. 

   I do understand it is a choice. I will continue to work on myself everyday . I am ready to accept what I create.  The beyond freedom program will be the tool I use .

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Where is your mindset ?

It is all about your mindset how you life will work for you . Yes work for you ! You control you thoughts and actions . 

So you have to ask yourself ” Who am I ? “. 

Can you answer that honestly ? When you look at yourself who do you see ? What are you thinking when you look at yourself.

Where is your mindset ? 

  • Are you success motivated ?
  • Are you a slacker ?
  • Do you people please ?
  • Are you making smart choices for yourself ?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you depressed ?


Do you have a millionaire mindset ?

Do you have a millionaire mindset ?



What ever your answers are you need to find a place to just feel GOOD !

It is very easy to slip out of that mindset . Stay focused ! 


Be. Do. Have.

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I forgot to Remember

How many times in your life  have you heard I forgot ?  Do they really forget or did they :

I forgot to Remember



Forgetting to remember really isn’t the same is forgetting.  It is more like choosing not to remember. The information that you are given wasn’t important enough to remember. You made a choice to store it in a place in your mind that you will only return to it after you are reminded that you forgot.  

My daughter is infamous for forgetting to remember.  It is a regular saying for her. When we made her realize it was a choice she realized that she can change that. She still forgets to remember , but it is not as often as it used to be.

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Why do people see what the problem is But choose to not change it.

Do we just get so comfortable in our lives that good bad or in different we keep living it ? Why is it so hard to see that the life we are living like it or not we choose into. We also get to choose out of it . Create a new one . It is just a simple as that. People will find every excuse in the book to say it isn’t . But the fact is everyday we make choices in our lives and they got us into the exact situation we are in now. 

Are you happy , Really happy ?


If you life isn’t really what you want to be  , why do you think you have to keep doing it . Why is it so hard to see life is not what society has created life to be . There is more to life than a good  career and a 9 to 5 job. What happened to family and enjoying life. It is crazy that your employer gets to tell you how many days you are allowed to be sick in a year. When you can take vacation and how many times a year you can do that. Some jobs don’t even give you a choice when you can take it. It is quite bazaar to me .

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Learning to Listen

In the past few years I have learned that listening is very important to growing. I wasn’t always the best listener. I was always good at giving advise never taking it. I realize that if I can’t follow how will I ever learn to lead. I feel I was born a leader , But even leaders have room to grow. That growth comes from learning to listen. 

Listening is Growing.


Learn to listen and you can grow in any condition.

Learn to listen and you can grow in any condition.



I went to LA for a business conference. The top earners of the company took time and shared with us how they achieve success. I have a few inspirational quotes that have help inspire me and my business. 

  • Play it full out.
  • Believe in yourself and it can carry you through.
  • You can change who you are in a split second.
  • You don’t have to understand how it works to know it works.
  • Your belief is going to determine your success.
  • Who Cares What Anybody Thinks!!!!
  • Start living for me.
  • Dream Big
  • Don’t let ANYBODY get in the way of your dreams.

And last but not least…

The Only Way to Fail is to Quit !

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It is a real eye opener when you see life for what it really is

It is scary when you open your eyes and truly see what is in front of you. When you don’t allow your mind to be clouded by your dreams . When the facts and the truth are presented to you. WOW , it can really hit you hard. 

See life for what it really is.

It often comes as a shock to people the truth in life. I know it is for me. When you think everything is going good . Then BANG ! like hitting a brick wall . That is how hard reality can hit you. Like a ton of bricks. Then what do you do? That is when you have to make decisions for yourself that will effect the rest of your life. Which way are you going to turn. There is that fork in the road that will change your life forever. Do you continue down that same path. Or do you allow that ton of bricks turn you in a new direction. 


Which way will you go?

Which way will you go?



It is scary , But do you have belief in yourself. Is the only thing that drives in you in life is the fact that others believe in you?  I truly believe you must believe in yourself in order for others to see it is okay to believe in you. You can only hope that they can see that you are worth believing in and you made the right choice . The choice that you make , you should make for you . Everything will fall into place once you have make your decision.

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Taking my Dreams and making them Reality


Making a dream a reality

Making a dream a reality

How many dreams have you been able to make reality? As I have mentioned before I have goals set for myself in 3 different levels. Well this past weekend I was able to fill another goal . I always want to get a tattoo at the High Voltage Tattoo Shop. A.K.A LA ink.  I put the intent out there and headed on my way. I had emailed several times to set something up and I never got a response. That didn’t stop me from taking action . I walked into the shop knowing I wasn’t leaving without a new tattoo. Well When I got there the only available time was the same time I had to head back to the hotel. I decided that I would stick around for a hot minute and take a few pics. I wasn’t bummed out I was just happy to be in LA. The next thing I knew I was talking to Dan and telling him what I wanted to get done. Living with intent is the most amazing feeling. Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Me & Dan

Me & Dan

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Do you TRY or do you DO?

Are you the type that tries to do things?

Or are you the type to just do things?

Do you even realize the difference? 



Be. Do. Have.

Be. Do. Have.



I  teach my kids that trying and doing are different. To try something is like taking a sample. Not sure if you really are willing to commit . Just going to test the waters. Doing is taking the big plunge into what ever it is. Not worried about the out come. You know that not matter what you have committed yourself in it 100%. 

I have come to realize that anything you put in 100% , you get out 100%. When you think you have put in 100% and nothing is happening for you . Take a step back and ask yourself. Am I just TRYING, or am I DOING. It is important for you to really see the difference. The group of people that are always trying and never doing are the same people that complain that nothing ever works for them. Maybe they should stop trying and start doing. Action is required in order to have a outcome.

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You Have to Choose Happiness Before You Become It



When you wake up in the morning you need to make a choice on how you are going to start your day. It is always best to start you day with a grateful spirit. That is going to set the tone for how the rest of your day will go. Even if a monkey wrench is tossed your way. CHOICE. Don’t forget you have a choice how you can respond to the wrench being thrown. 

You Have to Choose Happiness Before You Become It

Steps for starting yourself on a great day 


  • When you wake up before you even get out of bed be grateful for 5 things.
  • Next when you take the step to get out of bed , Find 2 more things to be grateful for.
  • While brushing your teeth find 2 more things to be grateful for.
  • Right as you are walking out your door for the day find another thing to be grateful for. 


How can a day go wrong with so many good thoughts in your mind. It can’t! As the day progresses continue to remind yourself of all the grateful things that you have in your life. You are guaranteed to have a amazing day!

Be Grateful, It feels amazing!

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