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Decisions and Choices

We all make decisions and choices everyday. What we don’t realize is that it is two different things. Yup it is true. A decision is different than a choice.

Decisions and Choices


How do you make decisions and choices?

How do you make decisions and choices?



A decision means a conclusion made after having a consideration.

A choice means an act of selection from two or more possibilities.

For example: You made the decisions that you are hungry and you want to eat. The choice is what are you going to eat. Do you get it. You make a decision an what you are going to do with your life, then make the choice on how about achieving that decision.

Seems simple enough, But yet most of the world doesn’t quite see it that way. That is why so many people never complete what they started. They made a decision but never made choices. 

Are you ready to make decisions followed by choices?

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Dealing With Death

People Deal with Death differently.

I have been exposed to a lot of death in the earlier years of my life. Between 1989-1998 I had lost really close friends of mine. There deaths all came suddenly. Some from cars accidents, Some motorcycle, and some from drugs. I had lost friends after 1998 but I learned to deal with those deaths differently.

When people die we can morn their deaths in two ways.

In a positive way and a negative way.

From my experience most people deal in a negative way. These people I saw use the deaths as an excuse to fail in their own lives. Most of them turned to drugs. I heard them repeatedly use the excuse of their friends death as the reason that they are using drugs. How silly does that sound? It sounded pretty silly to me. Did using drugs bring them back?

I saw very few take that experience and turn it into a positive. In reality that is what the smart thing to do is. Making the choice to take the memories of a person you love and creating a positive effect in your life. You can take you hurt , pain and the memory and flip it into something wonderful. Use their memory as a driving force to your success.

You can do that with every challenge that is thrown your way. Death like most challenges are unexpected. So remember even when it comes to death.

Respond instead of reacting to the situation.

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