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What make you think you DESERVE anything ???

Most people walk around in life feeling that they really don’t deserve anything .  They will rationalize why they really shouldn’t have the new car or a new outfit . Look around you , Where has it gotten you ? Do you have the new car or clothes ? 

I am working really hard refusing my brain to have new thoughts. I want it to for the most part wipe out all bad memories that I would compare things to . I don’t want to be conditioned in my feelings. Anytime something happens I don’t want to base my opinion on my past experiences I may have had . 

I was conditioned to think I really don’t deserve things. Again , Not that my parents did that on purpose. It happened. They were conditioned the same way from their parents. I am just a product of both of my parents. So back to what I was saying . I believed that I didn’t really deserve things. My husband and I would go shopping and I would never buy myself anything unless it was on sale . I would always push my husband to spend money on himself . I would tell him he deserved it . That he works real hard and should buy nice things for himself. Crazy thing about it . I work real hard too ! I should be able to get myself nice things. Why don’t  I . In the past I had truly convinced myself that I didn’t really deserve it. 


I do now. I retraining myself to go into a store and not look at any prices .If I see something that I like I have to buy it . SO I am not allowed to check the price . I have to just go and make the purchase. I now understand that I am WORTH IT ! There is plenty out there for us all to have . SO why not. I can have it too !

I can because I deserve it

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