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Do you make choices based on Feelings?


quantum_computingQuantum Law states that every time you have a thought you make a chemical . The chemical matches your thoughts. The way you think is the way you feel . The way you feel is the way you think becomes a cycle of being. 





Break the Cycle

Why make choices based on feelings rather than facts. We make to many choices based on familiar feelings. Feelings are just memories in the past. It is not wise to use feelings to create your future. You want to be in a natural state of being .


Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself



When you are in the mist of a new experience you will get a new emotion. You cannot achieve that with out Challenging yourself. The more you put yourself up to the challenge the more times you will be likely to experience a natural state of being. When you are at high peak happiness and gratitude. 

Can you feel it, I can feel it now!

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