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Day 22 – Stay Focus , Give the Universe Time to Manifest

Here I am Day 22.

I need to Stay Focused and Give the Universe Time to Manifest My Dreams.

Some things seem like it happens over night. Somethings definitely will take longer for the universe to manifest. I am just so excited about life i want it to all happen now.

Hilton Resort & Spa in HawaiiHilton Resort & Spa in Hawaii

I am leaving for Hawaii in 3 days. I am so excited to meet all of these wonderful people. The best thing about these people is we are all like minded. We may all be going to Hawaii to hear to same people. We will all be leaving there with our own experiences. We will all grow in different ways. I will take home everything I learn and apply it to my day life. Just as I do with my Beyond Freedom program. Every time I read or listen to the CD’s I learn something new.

When changing who you are you need to constantly remind your self that you are a work in progress. Give yourself a chance. If you fail yourself at something make it a point the next day to stick to your goal. I set goals for myself that I keep repeatedly failing myself. I realize thought I am failing MYSELF. So I kicked it into gear. I am showing more self discipline. I also remind myself I am doing this because I want to . Nobody is forcing me to change. I took this upon myself to do. That is why I say when I am failing, I fail myself.

This is my journey in life.

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