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Dealing With Vertigo

Wow , I never really understood what Vertigo was. Till Friday morning.I woke up and i get to get out of bed and the room started to look weird. I felt like i was floating . I though okay for some reason i have a head rush. An hour later it didn’t go away. Any quick movement made the room spin. I got a little nervous. I feel like i am unbalanced. I looked it up and came up with Vertigo. Now I just have to figure out how to 

Deal With Vertigo.

I am looking for a holistic way to heal myself. I looked on line and 

came up with a few ideas to try. Vertigo can mean a number of things . I believe it to be that i am no longer spiritually balanced. I normally feel I am very balanced. I eat well , I exercise regularly, I meditate and relax and have me time everyday. I haven’t been overwhelmed with anything till lately. As a result i have thrown my balance out of whack. That is why I am now suffering vertigo. I have chosen to use acupuncture and a Reiki healing to set it straight. I will have a part 2 to this post, to let you know how it works out. 


Mean while I am going to figure out how i am going to function with this. I have a life that i have to continue living. My kids and husband are really be good about me not being able to do a lot while i figure this out.  



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