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Look and Decide – Have I made good choices in my life ?

Most people like to think that the position they are in is because of someone or something else .  When the truth of the matter is they are there because they made a choice to be there . Then I get the argument that the situation came up and it changed everything . Again the truth to that is the choice they made with the situation that has come up .  

Dana Malave

Have I made good

choices in my life ?

Nobody wants to own their own failures . It seems easier to blame anybody else than to see that it was you that put yourself there. If we can just take the time to make better choices in our lives we would all find success a lot faster.

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Decisions and Choices

We all make decisions and choices everyday. What we don’t realize is that it is two different things. Yup it is true. A decision is different than a choice.

Decisions and Choices


How do you make decisions and choices?

How do you make decisions and choices?



A decision means a conclusion made after having a consideration.

A choice means an act of selection from two or more possibilities.

For example: You made the decisions that you are hungry and you want to eat. The choice is what are you going to eat. Do you get it. You make a decision an what you are going to do with your life, then make the choice on how about achieving that decision.

Seems simple enough, But yet most of the world doesn’t quite see it that way. That is why so many people never complete what they started. They made a decision but never made choices. 

Are you ready to make decisions followed by choices?

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