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How deep in thought are you ?


Deep in Thought

Deep in Thought


How many times do you find yourself deep in thought.  So deep in thought that you don’t even realize that you are doing it . You catch up to your thought and realize it is all in your mind. Then you think to yourself. ” was that even worth thinking  about” 

I used to find myself deep in the wrong thought. The thoughts that aren’t going to help me reach my goals seem to have been a waste of my time . All those years I spent thinking about the past and running scenarios in my mind of what could have happened or what should have happened instead of what I am going to make happen. 

I have a deep understanding for what I need to focus my thoughts on. I want to stay on track and focused on my goals. I am human so I expect that I will have to train myself to stay focused . I understand the minute I feel myself slipping . To step up and push harder. It seems easier to fall back in a comfort zone. But what is really comfortable about being unhappy ?

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