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What is your definition of Success?

Truly success is defined by the individual . Nobody can say that success is the same for everybody. I define success as a state of being. How I am feeling about myself during achievements in my life. That feeling I feel defines my success. I guess for me how long I can keep that natural state of being is how long I am successful for. 

What is your definition for success?


2 of my successes in my life that kept me in a natural state of being

2 of my successes in my life that kept me in a natural state of being



It could be how many goals you may achieve in your life. It could be staying committed to something that defines your success. Money defines success for a lot of people. Wealth is a representation of success. And people born into wealth are usually expected to achieve success.

Does society define success? 

Of course it does. Most people defined there imagine of success based on what society suggests it should be. Which is why so many people never feel success. The image of success is created to seem impossible to achieve that most people don’t try. Based on the fact that they don’t believe they will ever achieve it. People believe that they aren’t worth success. They weren’t born for it. Well folks . We are all here for the same reason. To find success and live life in a natural state of being… HaPpY!!! We are all born to be successful. Success is a choice. It reall is a state of being. The material things don’t truly define success. They only give you a temporary feeling of achievement. What you want is to be in that state of feeling at all times.    


Now what  is you new definition of  SUCCESS?

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