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Get your Actions in line with your Intentions



Are you in line with your goals ? Do you have a direction that you are going in ? Is your past holding you back from you moving forward? Then is it time to unmemorize  your state of being. 

Get your Actions in line with your Intentions.




  • Except , Believe and Understand that there is spiritual intelligence living in you. 
  • Except that my own thinking , my own fear, my own experiences is what created my issues to begin with.
  • Except that thoughts can make you well. (by having an elevated mood you turn on 23 genes)
  • Excepting it is the same as a addict breaking a addiction.
  • Be willing to reinvent yourself


You know what you have to do . Now all you have to do is commit yourself to doing it. Make the time for you. You can start your change with just a thought. The thought becomes the experience. Get lost in meditation forget about yourself. How else are you going to reinvent yourself if you can’t let go of who you are now.

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