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Dream Team



I read an article in Sports Illustrated September 15th ,2008 issue. It is titled Join the Dream Team By Phil Taylor. It was a truly great article. It talk about they only way you can make a dream come true is to make it happen. 

He says that you can’t just sit around while ordinary Janes and Joes are turning their day dreams into reality. People are awaking from the dead world they live in. People can now see that life as we know it is only that was because we let it be that way. We cannot make anymore excuses for not having everything we desire in life.

I don’t understand anyway why anybody would make a choice not to change something about themselves that they don’t like. You can take all that energy that you put into complaining and use it to better yourself.

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Life By Design

Have you ever dreamed of creating your dream life?

Creating a Life By Design is an option we all have.  It is all a matter of realizing we control every aspect of our being. We control all of our actions. We are also responsible for all our actions.

In order to have a Life by Design you need to gain control of your thoughts and actions. People say it is easier said than done. To me that is the lazy persons excuse. You wake up everyday and make choices. We choose what we will eat, what we are going to wear. Everyday we have experiences and we choose how to respond to them.

Most people in the world like to blame others for the life they live. When you wake up and look in the mirror the only person that is looking back is you. That is because you are the only person responsible for your happiness that day. It is up to you to decide that no matter what happens that day that you will find the good in every situation.

Once you are on the path of pure happiness. It will all fall into place. Making sure that all your thoughts are positive , you are on your way to that life you want to design. Do not allow others people’s opinion on what you are trying to achieve discourage you. Usually those people are negative thinkers and may never be able to see things the way you do. Stay right on track.

You might come to realize you don’t enjoy hanging around the same crowd. Even close family members you might grow apart from. It is normal and healthy. What isn’t normal is keeping toxic people in your life because you think you have to.

I will share with you… I started this journey to better myself about 5 years ago. As a result i separated myself from some friends. It was hard .Once i stepped away i realized how toxic they were in my life.How i allowed myself to be influenced by others thoughts and actions. I even stopped talking to most of my family all together. I feel FREE! I realize now if i hadn’t done that i would have had room to grow. I love who i am and what i have to offer the world. I have taken over my life . I am creating my Life by design.

You can too!

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