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What Life Brings …

Life can bring you everything you desire if you can just allow your thoughts to get you there

Dana Malave

It is more than just thoughts you need to add feeling to your thoughts. Feelings are extremely important to attracting what you desire. When you put feelings and emotion in what you are seeing for yourself , you are creating a vibration of good energy . We know that everything is energy . SO you want to keep a good vibration of energy associated to your thoughts. 

So imagine how you would feel . Allow yourself to get emotional about it . 


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It is a real eye opener when you see life for what it really is

It is scary when you open your eyes and truly see what is in front of you. When you don’t allow your mind to be clouded by your dreams . When the facts and the truth are presented to you. WOW , it can really hit you hard. 

See life for what it really is.

It often comes as a shock to people the truth in life. I know it is for me. When you think everything is going good . Then BANG ! like hitting a brick wall . That is how hard reality can hit you. Like a ton of bricks. Then what do you do? That is when you have to make decisions for yourself that will effect the rest of your life. Which way are you going to turn. There is that fork in the road that will change your life forever. Do you continue down that same path. Or do you allow that ton of bricks turn you in a new direction. 


Which way will you go?

Which way will you go?



It is scary , But do you have belief in yourself. Is the only thing that drives in you in life is the fact that others believe in you?  I truly believe you must believe in yourself in order for others to see it is okay to believe in you. You can only hope that they can see that you are worth believing in and you made the right choice . The choice that you make , you should make for you . Everything will fall into place once you have make your decision.

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Taking my Dreams and making them Reality


Making a dream a reality

Making a dream a reality

How many dreams have you been able to make reality? As I have mentioned before I have goals set for myself in 3 different levels. Well this past weekend I was able to fill another goal . I always want to get a tattoo at the High Voltage Tattoo Shop. A.K.A LA ink.  I put the intent out there and headed on my way. I had emailed several times to set something up and I never got a response. That didn’t stop me from taking action . I walked into the shop knowing I wasn’t leaving without a new tattoo. Well When I got there the only available time was the same time I had to head back to the hotel. I decided that I would stick around for a hot minute and take a few pics. I wasn’t bummed out I was just happy to be in LA. The next thing I knew I was talking to Dan and telling him what I wanted to get done. Living with intent is the most amazing feeling. Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Me & Dan

Me & Dan

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Day 54 – I am Taking Charge of My Life

I am feeling the pressure of succeeding. School is about to start soon and i am still here in this crappy apartment. How am I going to change my situation? I am pondering with myself over and over. 

I decided that i need to be more aggressive with myself.


I am stronger than I look

I am stronger than I look



I am Taking Charge of My Life !

Nobody is going to do this for me. I need to own my life. Take what I showed up for. That is health, wealth, happiness and an abundance of money. I do own 3 out of 4 at the moment. The money is the challenge. Really it is only a challenge because I was making it one. It can be easy if I just take my ideas and believe with all my soul that I am successful.

I have an amazing support system. My husband is the most amazing man in the world. He supports me and encourages me to follow my dreams. He is willing to take all the steps it takes for us as a family to be successful. I couldn’t have wanted more in a partner. I have to show him that he made no mistake in taking a chance on my dreams. 

Be. Do. Have.

I am Taking Charge of My Life

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Day 50: Life is Changing Before My Eyes

Many people want to see change before they commit to doing something. What they don’t understand is that you need to commit in order to see change. Life isn’t about finding the easy way out. You get out of life what you put in.

For Me My Life is Changing Before My Eyes.

I strongly believe in BE. DO. HAVE. Without those core principles in my life I will have no progress. I can complain all I want about the things I don’t have. I can be only upset with myself if I have done nothing to go out and get them. Yes I believe in the law of attraction. I can positive think about things all I want. You need action in your life to acquire  them.

 I had already known what house I wanted. I have pictures of it everywhere. I even have a rubber stamp with my name and the address on it. I know it sounds silly. I believed that I attracted things into my life. I know that I just can’t positive think this house into my life. I need to Be. Do . Have. 

My dream house

 I attracted Liberty League into my life. With this I will purchase my dream home.

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Life In Abundance

What can be more exciting in life than being able to have anything you want?

I am so excited about life. Living life in abundance is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Who wouldn’t want to feel this way? I just embarked on a journey in life that will expand my dreams much further than i ever thought possible. I am going to learn to dream bigger . I am grateful for the money in abundance that is flowing my way. I am grateful for the friends i have and those I will make . I hope I can help others grow as much as I have from this experience.

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