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Are you living your Desired Passion?


When you are a child you want something , You don’t quit till you get it. Picture it … You are in the candy store with your parents. You spot a little toy . You focused . You weren’t taking no for a answer. You become fixated on it . Your parents can tell you, you can’t have it . That means nothing . You still press forward knowing you will have it before you leave the store . Remember when it was that easy to make a decision and stick to the plan. 

Live your Desired Passion !

Why can’t you implement that into your life now ?  The answer is you can . You can set your goal and stop at nothing to get there. All you have to find is that desired passion that will manifest your dreams into reality. Figure out your passion and pursue it . Find out what makes you happy and thrive off it . It is apart of us because we were intended to live off it. Passion is a very powerful fuel to the human soul .  If it is a simple as in enjoying life. Why aren’t we all doing it !

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What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear




I think people don’t realized that to sugar coat everything is very dangerous. Most people ask for advise and expect the person to tell them exactly what they want to hear. When the truth of the matter is they are to sensitive to hear the truth. When they are presented with what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear they feel like they are being attacked.

What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear

Every time I am asked advise about something I am as honest as possible. Sometimes honesty is taken as cruelty. That is never where is comes from. It is usually the person that can’t handle the facts about a given situation. I   keep a straight level in my voice when telling someone what they NEED to hear. That way they can’t say I was attacking them. I never want to come off that way or they will never hear what needs to be heard.

When hearing the things you don’t want to hear you need to step out of yourself. It is a growing process when needing to hear the truth. Even bigger step to except it. We all would like life to be painted as a pretty picture . It just doesn’t always work out that way. Be more excepting of what you need to hear and grow from it. You WILL be grateful in the end.


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