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Family … Why we have them

Growing up my impression of family was a good one . I understood the concept of ” It takes a VILLAGE to raise a family ”  I am not sure if it was that my husband and myself wanted a big family that we realized that we held our expectations to high . It is an old saying that many don’t follow anymore .

There are a lot of single family homes and homes with no extended family at all . Customs and traditions are passed along when time is spent with family . It is much harder on a family when nobody else is helping you instill your family customs .  It saddens me to think we are all to busy to take part in the future of this world .

I believe the creator aka GOD had intentions to have not just a mother and father to  be involved in your child’s life . Every member of your family has a important part in a baby’s life. I think raising a child takes a lot of work and energy . When a mother gets burnt out because she never see the time of day for herself the child is the one who suffers . When there are elders and other family members you can trust around to help you can keep your sence of sanity .

It is mind-boggling to me how we are so self-absorbed in our own lives we forget what life is really about .  Although the first few years that we started our family we had to struggle showing our children what a real true meaning of family is . We have come a long way . We have found the family bonds we have been forever searching for . Our children are growing to see what we have been telling them for years . Family is a bond like no other . ( remember family isn’t always blood ) Once it is formed there is no tearing it apart.

At the start of the new year we are in  a state of GRATITUDE for the wonderful family we  have in our lives  .

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Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all the wonderful men in the world that have children a ….

Happy Father's day


Happy Father’s Day 

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Allow the universe to bring it to you !


We're back !

We're back !

I kept struggling with the fact that I wanted to have this big close family . Never even considering that I had this part of my family that I didn’t have connections with for some more than 15 years . Well this past weekend I reconnected with my family . They do all the things together as a family that I would only dream about. Sure they are a bit dysfunctional . That is the beauty of it . We are normal amongst each other . I am so very grateful to have them back in my life. I am looking forward to creating many memories with them .

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Self Created Family

 Lewandowski FamilyI have a family filled with amazing people. Some are blood related and some self created. You don’t always feel like family with the ones you are blood related to . People say you can’t pick and choose your family. I disagree . You might not be able to pick your birth parents in our life  , But you get to choose if you want to keep them in your life. 

my brother

I have 3 brothers . One is my biological brother and the other 2 are just as close to me . I have had my brothers in my life for over 20 years . When I need them they are there for me . That is what family is about . We can count on each other for anything unconditionally . I have 2 girlfriends that are the sisters I have always asked my mom for that I never got . One has bless me with a God child . She is my name sake. My other is my SFAM (sister from another mother) . She is married to one of my brothers. That is how we created this incredible family . 

Isabella Dana

My blood family just doesn’t understand what I might have against them that we don’t talk. It has nothing to do with them . It is all about me. I need to have in my life people I can be real with . I don’t have to keep back my thoughts and feelings. We don’t share the same ideas and values about life. That is exactly why I have created my own family. 

Life is good . Can be better when you choose who you want in it !

Art is Life


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Old Friends from Yesterday


He makes me smile

He makes me smile

On a day when I am filled with sorrow my son shines light in my eyes. He reminds how good it is to see old friends . He is almost 7 and he is wise beyond his years. 

I have seen so many faces from my past this week.  Some I wanted to see and some I can careless about. 

Some old wounds have been reopened. I am hoping that they can be fixed. 

I grew up with a large group of friends. We always considered each other family. Family and good friends know how to pick up where they left off. I have reconnected with some great friends. I intend to hold up my end on keeping the friendship alive!

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Life Changing Experiences as a Family


I am on my way to experience one of the most biggest changes of my life. I am grateful I am able to have my children experience this with me. They are just as excited as I am to be apart in  this experience.

Life Changing Experiences as a Family


Summit Conference Atlantis Bahamas

Summit Conference Atlantis Bahamas



    I am sorry that  my husband isn’t able to be a part of this. We are making big changes in our lives and we usually like to be able to be together for that. He is just as excited for us to go with out him. He is looking forward to what knowledge we will bring home with us. Life for us is all about changing. 

                       It dawned on me this morning that my closest friends really don’t know me anymore. How could they, I am so different from June to now.  I barely recognize  myself.  I was chatting with a  friend and I told her that I no longer will be a part of my old profession . She told me of course I would do it again. That I loved the feeling of joy I brought to people that way. I had to explain to her that I no longer found joy in that. Even thought I am good at what I did. It really isn’t what brought ME happiness. That is KEY. I need to feel joy at the same time as sharing it. I felt that I was side tracked in to that profession. I was influenced by what other people wanted for me. 

                     It is time for me to do what truly brings me happiness. The sad part is will my friends be able to hold on for the ride. I am about to embark the ride of a life time . I know that the most important people are on board. My kids and my husband can’t wait to see what we are capable of.


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