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Living Life on Purpose

I wake up everyday and make sure I live my life on purpose. I think it is very important to make everyday count. I no longer waste a day complaining about anything if I am not going to do anything about changing it.  I have to accept every moment as it happens. Take control of the actions that come behind my choices.


Living life on purpose means you need to do more than just wake up in the morning and follow the same routine over and over again. Just living to die basically. You need to make life great. So when someone asks you how are you doing , you answer more than ” Okay I guess”. You want to come back with a “ I am Fantastic”. And mean it




I do . It truly is the best feeling in the world to have the freedom to live life on purpose. The fact of the matter is anybody can. There is nothing, even money stopping you from living your life on purpose. .


Live your life!

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