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Can you Forgive?

Not everybody is capable of giving forgiveness. I have to say we are taught that it shouldn’t be easy. But the fact of the matter is it is very easy. You either can get over it or not. If you think to yourself can I change what happened? If the answer is no , Then Ask yourself is with worth holding on to the bad feelings that go with it. 

Can you Forgive?

Forgiveness is a decision. You can break it down to:


  • Forgiveness vs. Trust. 
  •  Us vs. Them. 
  •  Past vs. Future.

 Any of those are were we create our doubt in letting go and having forgiveness. If you take the second part of each one you get Trust them for future. You cannot base you life on the you and the past. You need to let go of your emotional attachment and then forgive.


To forgive doesn’t mean the person has to know you forgave them either. That is something you can keep to yourself . The reason you forgive is for yourself. When you finally forgive you release all of the bad energy that is attracted with it. It seems harder than it sounds, But not if you STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX!

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