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Happy Memorial Day Weekend !

Memorial DayLet us remember what this weekend represents …. The freedom we have today is from those who have protected this country in the past , present and for our future !

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Shopping is Good for the Mind and the Soul

I love to shop. I love to shop even more when I don’t look at the price tags and don’t look for sales. Don’t get me wrong I love a bargain . But I am tired of doing that every single time I shop. It puts my level of thinking on lower level . I go into my poverty way of thinking. Not a healthy way for me to think.


When I shop without price tags I allow myself to feel freedom . Financial freedom we all dream about. I am glad I no longer have to look at price tags. I never have to wait for a sale to get something I really want. It is one of the best feelings in the whole world. 

I truly had a amazing day . I know this will make it for a great week !

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Living Life on Purpose

I wake up everyday and make sure I live my life on purpose. I think it is very important to make everyday count. I no longer waste a day complaining about anything if I am not going to do anything about changing it.  I have to accept every moment as it happens. Take control of the actions that come behind my choices.


Living life on purpose means you need to do more than just wake up in the morning and follow the same routine over and over again. Just living to die basically. You need to make life great. So when someone asks you how are you doing , you answer more than ” Okay I guess”. You want to come back with a “ I am Fantastic”. And mean it




I do . It truly is the best feeling in the world to have the freedom to live life on purpose. The fact of the matter is anybody can. There is nothing, even money stopping you from living your life on purpose. .


Live your life!

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Please Yourself … Don’t Feel You Have To Please Others


Family Obligation

Family Obligation

Why do people feel so obligated to please others and make themselves unhappy. I see this happening everyday. People complain all the time about the things they do for other people. I wish people would realize 


Please Yourself … Don’t Feel You Have To Please Others

  For years I did things in my life to make other people happy. I went to family functions to make my mother happy. Called my grandmothers to please my parents. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I did it out of family obligation. Most people think that you have a family obligation you have to fulfill. 

I have learned that the only obligation I have is with myself . I am obligated to take care of myself. To make sure I keep all toxic things and people out of my life. That includes family. I am grateful to my parents for the birth of my life. I have excepted my life experiences with them as learning tools for my future. But at no time at this point in my life do I think I need to keep them in my life if it brings me down. 

The fact in the matter is I haven’t spoke to my father since September 2007. As a result I had room for the growth I was looking for. I truly believe I couldn’t have achieved the things in the past year that I have if I had him in my life. It is sad to think but it is true. People can hold you back from your true potential. You’d never realize it because of you feeling obligated and never letting go. I would love to be able to share in my growth with my father. If I ever went back into a relationship with him it would be under my terms. That is how I feel about any of the relationships I have let go of. 

When decieding to focus on personal growth, not everybody is supportive. They claim they are. When it comes down to it they treat you as if you are the same person. They haven’t changed how they treat you. It makes it hard to be around them because you aren’t the same person. You don’t care to be treated in that manner anymore. Don’t feel bad to let go of them. If they want to keep you in their life they will have no choice but to change the way they treat you. 

Life is a choice . We get to choose every little aspect of it. From your desired wealth , to your desired weight. What do you choose for yourself ? 

I choose Freedom . With the Beyond Freedom Program .

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Day Ten of My Personal Growth

Day Ten of My Personal Growth

I did not believe that I would feel any different than I did ten days ago. Well I do. I feel charged and energized.

I am committed to a life of freedom. Freedom from my own fears and my own mind. This one of the most exciting times in my life. I am so grateful I get to share it with the world. If what I write about can at least make people look at themselves, I am grateful.

Part of the The Beyond Freedom program is to show gratitude to others. So I am making it a point to tell people how grateful I am to have been touched by them . How much I appreciate the things they do and who they are. I have seen many smiles this week. It made me smile inside and out. What can be better than making others feel good ? For me I cannot think of a thing.

Another exercise I do everyday is make a promise to myself.

Today’s promise was to have patience for those who don’t understand how good life is.

I try to keep that promise for myself. If I fail, I have failed myself. Then I look to the next day to try harder. Everyday is a new. So everyday you get a new opportunity to fix where you may have failed yourself the day before.

Are you ready to fix your life with the missing piece?

My Personal Growth Program: Outrageous Riches Now

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