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Out with the Old , In with the New

How many times do you say you are going to clean house in your life ? But when it comes down to it a lot gets sweep-ed under the rug. You decided every year you are going to stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right ones. You are going to stop complaining and start doing something about it. 

Out with the Old , In with the New

me and Mason

I pick the topic of friendships at this time . That is what I have been dealing with a lot lately. I have come to a crossroads in my life . Do I continue to complain about the friendships I have or do I change something about them. So I am choosing to do something about the friendships. I have decided to end them. It is time in my life to let go of people who have been in my life out of habit. The ones who have been just there because I am used to it that way. I am letting go of those who don’t challenge me to be a better human. I am  letting go  of those that are my friend because of need . The friendships that are draining to me.

With all of those friendships gone, I have created the space in my life for people who challenge me to be a better human. I am excited about it. I am surrounding myself with like minded people who are achieving goals and dreams in their life . I have made a goal for myself to only surround myself with people moving forward. I will never look back again.

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Old Friends from Yesterday


He makes me smile

He makes me smile

On a day when I am filled with sorrow my son shines light in my eyes. He reminds how good it is to see old friends . He is almost 7 and he is wise beyond his years. 

I have seen so many faces from my past this week.  Some I wanted to see and some I can careless about. 

Some old wounds have been reopened. I am hoping that they can be fixed. 

I grew up with a large group of friends. We always considered each other family. Family and good friends know how to pick up where they left off. I have reconnected with some great friends. I intend to hold up my end on keeping the friendship alive!

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Be Someones Hero

Don’t be afraid to help someone open their eyes to reality. People walk around and let life live them everyday. Not until someone opens their eyes to reality do they see what their life has become. For some the path they followed isn’t the best choice in life . Most people are afraid to cross the line and show them the light. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Someones Hero.



Be a Friend ... Be a Hero

Be a Friend ... Be a Hero



You crossing the line can save a life. I listen to people say they are a good friend . To me a good friend doesn’t help their friends in making mistakes in their lives. They are the ones to steer there friend in the right direction. They are the ones that risk the friendship in crossing the line. 

For me I’d rather loose the friendship in trying to save a life .They can end the friendship because I crossed the line, but deep down they know I did it out of friendship. The truth hurts especially when you have denied it for so long. 

Showing people the truth in life has it’s consequences. I as a friend am always willing to take that risk , Are you? 

can you step out of your box to save a friend?

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It is Hard When People Don’t Share in Your Beliefs


I have always walked to the beat of my own drum. As far back as I can remember I always thought differently than everybody else. I kept things reaI honest. always tried to stay truthful. I was looked at like I was a bitch. I was very opinionated. It never really bothered me what people thought of me. I have been able to keep some long time friends. I do have one problem.


It is Hard When People Don’t Share in Your Beliefs


Almost like religion we all have our different opinions on how to practice religion. Well I choose not to practice religion. I just have strong life beliefs. Most of my closest friends think I am crazy. I believe in the power of positive thought. I believe you treat others truly how you’d like to be treated. I believe to dream big and no dream is to big to come true. There is no such thing to me as being realistic in the sense of conforming my thoughts. What is real to me might not be real to others. I am comfortable with myself. To me that is most important.

I also feel it is best to spend my time with like minded people. Most of my closest friends are not like minded people. That leaves me in a bit of a dilemma. What do I do about the friendships. I have excepted my friends for who they are. But as I grow into the human being I always wanted to be , Do i care to spend time with them anymore? Does the saying hold strong, people do grow apart?

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Are You Telling Your Story?

I would like to think I am telling my story. Are you telling yours? It is very important to tell and share your stories. It helps inspire people . I have a great story to share.

While I was in Hawaii , My neighbor on the first floor in my building had called me. I had missed her call. She is in her 80’s. I am very fond of her. So when I realized that I missed her call , I called her right back. She could not believe that I would take the time to call her while I am on vacation. Why wouldn’t I is what I think. Anyway her T.V. wasn’t working and she wanted to know if when I  get  back if I can look at it. Well she decided  to just call my husband and ask him to come down and take a look. It was shot, done , ready for the electronic cemetery.

So , My husband calls me later that day to tell me what had taken place . He said he went down realized the T.V. wasn’t worth fixing and offered to buy her a new one. In her own words” Like he was just gonna get a glass of water” She was so taken back by his offer she didn’t know how to act. My neighbor is far from poor. We know that but that wasn’t the point.
My husband was sadden by the fact that it was such a shock to her that someone would want to do something that nice. She didn’t want us to buy the new T.V.  So I got home the next day and stopped by to see her. She is telling me what a rough day is was . How sad she was it was her wedding anniversary . Her husband is no longer with us. So I told her that we had already bought her a T.V. She was not happy. But if we didn’t do it she wouldn’t have done it for her self.

Today she calls me . Thank you , thank you. She says” I have no words to say about how I feel about you and your husband”

What she doesn’t realize is that her loss of words says it all !

Be generous , and the universe will bring it back!

Thank you Liberty League

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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

strong marriage

I have been married for 9 years this past May. It hasn’t always been a a walk in the park. When my husband and I said “I do”… we took that to heart. We had decided that no matter what we will do everything it takes to have a successful marriage. So about 4 years into out marriage we decided we are going to need some extra support in having a strong marriage. The “extra help” had given us some tools to use. I was able to pull together the

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

  1. Stay honest.
  2. Speak your mind when you are thinking it. If you wait to long your spouse might not understand where you are coming from.
  3. Be truthful, sometimes brutal honesty is the only type of honesty. The truth hurts, so it isn’t always easy.
  4. Stay friends- don’t forget why you got married to begin with.
  5. Spend quality time together. Go on a date once a week.
  6. Laugh together.
  7. Sit down every few months and re-evaluate your life goals. Make sure you are always on the same page. Support each others goals and dreams.
  8. Don’t compare your marriage to any other. Every relationship is different.
  9. Have sex regularly. That leaves no room for fighting over that!
  10. Be in love … Not just have love for each other.

We had caught slack for having a strong marriage. I had heard to many times that we all can’t be perfect like Dana & Chris. Well folks… perfect we are not. Truly committed ….we are.

Committed to each other. We knew we had to try everything before we walk away from a marriage that we put all of ourselves into. We also had 2 children that would be damaged for life if we didn’t at least try.

So here we are 5 years later and stronger than ever. Do we fight?…. I wouldn’t call it fighting anymore. It is more like debates. I couldn’t imagine at this point in my life wanting to share it with anybody else but Chris. We share the same goals in life. We both want a life of abundance. We support each other in all our dreams. We are powerful as a team. We are successful because we want to be!

reason to keep it strong

Outrageous Riches Now

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