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Upward and Onward !

It is time to say good-bye to the past few years . I can only hold on to the success I have found . I will have to remind myself that I didn’t fail . I learned a lot . If I continue to see the past as a failure I will never be able to move UPWARD AND ONWARD .

I was reading a post on Extreme John .com . It really made me see that anyone is capable¬†of change as long as they can recognize it and want to see life different . All we need to do is let go . Stop worrying about what others are achieving and find your own success . John was right in changing his focus . I will do the same . My focus is on how I am going to achieve my next goal ūüôā

Life is good , So why create it to be bad ?

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What Life Brings …

Life can bring you everything you desire if you can just allow your thoughts to get you there . 

Dana Malave

It is more than just thoughts you need to add feeling to your thoughts. Feelings are extremely important to attracting what you desire. When you put feelings and emotion in what you are seeing for yourself , you are creating a vibration of good energy . We know that everything is energy . SO you want to keep a good vibration of energy associated to your thoughts. 

So imagine how you would feel . Allow yourself to get emotional about it . 


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Are you being crystal clear on your goals ?

MY GOAL 338 flax hill rdDo you realize how important it is to be crystal clear on your goals ?  

When setting a goal for yourself . You should be able to already see yourself as if you have achieved that goal. ¬†A good idea is not to fail yourself getting to that goal . It is very important to stick to the goal till it is achieved. If you don’t you will be left know that the only reason you have not reached that goal is because you walked away and gave up. Some times you don’t even realize that you are just moments away from hitting you goal mark and you make the decision to walk away.¬†

Just stay focused on your goal . Don’t be distracted by outside influences . Most of society would enjoy seeing you at a time of failure than a time of success . That is because when you find the success and the Joy¬†¬†and¬†¬†Happiness that follows with that. You remind others of their failures. Don’t let those passion drainers weigh you down.

How do you do that you might ask ? ¬†Limit the time you spend interacted with these types of people. Don’t feel bad you are distance yourself . Just stay focused on the main objective. YOU . YOUR GOAL !¬†


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How many of you failed you resolution list already?

¬†¬†It is January 15th, 2009. How many of you have already given up on your resolutions? I know I have failed myself as well. I am no martyr. I shouldn’t have given myself goals I wasn’t ready to commit to . The fact is you can’t give up something without being ready. But when are we ever gonna be ready?¬†


Is your resolution to cut down on coffee?

Is your resolution to cut down on coffee?




We will be ready when want better for ourselves. That is the problem ¬†a lot of us don’t think we are worth it. After spending the weekend in LA with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. And yes I met most of them. I realize that I am worth it every step of the way. I am worth eating healthy and exercising . I am worth the effort to be wealthy. Nobody is just going to hand me that life. I have to realize it is there for the taking.¬†

I also want to say you don’t need it to be a New Year for you to make a change in your life. Just make that decision and stick to it.

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Go out and educate yourself

How many of you actually read books

that can benefit you ? 



Get Inspired

Get Inspired



I will not lie I used to not be a big reader. I used to say if I am going to read a book I would have to gain something from reading it. The mistake I made was taking to much time in between reading . I realize now that I must constantly challenge myself and have the desire to grow. I have came across some prettying amazing books in the past few months. I highly recommend reading them if you want to achieve success in your life. When you are looking to achieve success it is helpful to read up how others have found success. 

Books that have inspired me in 2008

  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  • Key to Living the Law of Attraction – Jack Canfield
  • How to Expand Love – Dalai Lama
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success -Deepak Chopra
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker
  • Going Places – E.D. Hill

The last one I just purchased is The Law of Success – Napoleon Hill ¬†That one is a big book. 600 pages . I can’t wait to get into it.¬†

Reading has brought a new light to my life. It helped me Step Out of My Box


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Have made your list of intent for the year?

What are you waiting for? Successful people don’t just use there imagination to create there success. They create goal lists. When you see it on paper it starts to become more real. I have Many lists.

  • short term goal list ( in the next 3-6 months)
  • Medium term goal list ( next 6-12 months)
  • long term goal list ( can take up to a year or longer)

I keep these goals where I can read them everyday. As I achieve my goals I set new ones. Successful people don’t stop after achieving one goal. I use a vision board to give a image to my goals . I feel the energy of what it feels like to achieve my goals. I get myself so attached to my goals I act as if I have already achieved them.¬†

I have learned these tools for my goals with the beyond freedom program . I am achieving more goals in my life now than I ever thought I would do in my lifetime.  I love stepping out of my box!

Taking my kids to the Bahamas !

Taking my kids to the Bahamas !


Be. Do. Have.

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I sparkle when you shine

This is my year to shine.


I am so excited . I have a true understanding to how to get the things out of life that I want. There is no guessing. I will set my intent everyday and achieve my goals one day at a time. I do understand if I focus on everything nothing will happen. I do have a long list of goals to achieve this year. But I look at it this way , I have all year to do it. I just look back at the past 6 months of 2008 and it blows my mind. Who knew I was that capable. I wish I would have believed in myself sooner. It would be nice if everybody in my life was on board. 

I guess with success comes some sorrow. The fact that no matter how hard I try I will have to let go of friendships. I think the less I think about it and just let it fade , the easier it will be. I have extended myself so I can bring them along. But you can’t force people to have the same beliefs as you. ¬†

I am looking forward to sharing in my new adventures

  • January – Going to LA¬†
  • Feburary- Make $50,000 In the first week.
  • March – Mexico¬†
  • April – The start of making a 6 figure income on a monthly basis
  • May- Renew my vows for my 10th anniversary
  • June – Pack to move into my dream home
  • July – Hawaii
  • August- Buy a hybrid car
  • September – Start my kids in Private school
  • October – Have crazy big Halloween Party
  • November – My first Thanksgiving in my new home¬†
  • December – Celebrating a year of success

I can’t wait to give all the details of my success and show you how easy it is to get anything you really want! I will just stayed plugged in my Beyond Freedom Program.


Be. Do. Have.   Make 2009 your year!


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New Years resolutions

How many times have you made resolutions and never stuck to them? Why is this year going to be the year for change?


Happy New Year

So many times I have made resolutions for the new year and come day one it is a struggle. That is because I have not really committed in my mind that things will be different. I never had a real good plan to be successful . I used to be a smoker. That was resolution I would come up with every year. I will quit for New years. If I hadn’t quit already new years wasn’t gonna make the difference. If I need to set a date to quit something then I was never really ready to quit it anyway.¬†

Everybody has things about themselves they would love to change. I listen to the mothers at the school talk about there faults all the time. Yet not a single one of them choose to anything to fix it. Especially the over weight ones. I love how they tell me how easy it is to loose the weight , but they choose to eat unhealthy . Does it make sense, NO! 

This year tell yourself that you don’t need a special day to start something new. You definitely don’t need a start date to quit something bad in your life. All you will need is the desire and the action in your life. Take a good look around you. Realize life is a choice . Choose wisely how you choose to spend it. And don’t keep putting off your gaols and desires for another day!¬†

Make today the day !

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Get your Actions in line with your Intentions



Are you in line with your goals ? Do you have a direction that you are going in ? Is your past holding you back from you moving forward? Then is it time to unmemorize  your state of being. 

Get your Actions in line with your Intentions.




  • Except , Believe and Understand that there is spiritual intelligence living in you.¬†
  • Except that my own thinking , my own fear, my own experiences is what created my issues to begin with.
  • Except that thoughts can make you well. (by having an elevated mood you turn on 23 genes)
  • Excepting it is the same as a addict breaking a addiction.
  • Be willing to reinvent yourself


You know what you have to do . Now all you have to do is commit yourself to doing it. Make the time for you. You can start your change with just a thought. The thought becomes the experience. Get lost in meditation forget about yourself. How else are you going to reinvent yourself if you can’t let go of who you are now.

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Be Present in Your Own Life.

 Have passion for you life. When you have passion for your own life , you will find yourself being present. It is amazing how alive you become once you are present in your life.  The law of attraction acknowledges you when you are in the now! 

Be Present in Your Own Life


Let me be the first to say congratulations on being present in your life.

Let me be the first to say congratulations on being present in your life.



Figure out what your goals are and how you can become present. When you think about your goals all day. You are creating yourself to be present. Also when you are thinking about your goals all day you will always make decisions that will help you make your goals more present in your life. 

I have goals in my life and everyday I keep myself present . Beyond Freedom helps me stay focused .

I know that being this way is creating me in doing things this way and this way I will have results!

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