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Pleasing Others

How happy am I going to be if I live my life only pleasing others? Why is it that when it comes to family they think they are the exception to the rule? I just don’t get it. When are people going to WAKE UP and smell the Coffee! 

I was not born into this world to  please others.

Can't live the life of a carebear.

Can't live the life of a carebear.



To help them , but not to please them. I was having conversation with a family member today that feels life isn’t about me. It is about pleasing my families idea of how I should be a part of the family. Not what is good for me , but what is good for them. Even sadder is they are hurt that I help others. They are proud that I do it , but disappointed that it isn’t being done for the people ” they “want me to do it for.

Wow , I am grateful I am where I am in life. I was able to have this conversation with out loosing my footage of what I want in my life. I didn’t not feel bad. I didn’t feel guilty that I am doing what Is good for me. I am actually really proud of myself. People need to just get over themselves. We cannot control each other and should not push our thoughts and beliefs onto others. If you asking for help or seek advise that is one thing. That means you  yourself need to get all the information so you can make a decision .

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