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Going to the Bahamas – The Next Step in My Life

Going to the Bahamas is a huge step for my life. I am going to attend a life changing conference. I am using this step to have purpose in my life. I do already have purpose in my life . It never hurts to have more. I truly enjoyed my trip to Hawaii. Listening to Lee Brower and Sam Crowley,That was the beginning of the new. They new way my family and I are going to live our lives. Everyday I wake up with the most amazing feeling in my body. I am over joyed by the excitement. 

The Next Step in My Life

The best part for me is I no longer allow others opinions to effect the decisions I make in my life and for my family. I always knew that I can create those day dreams into reality. I  had a understanding how to make things possible. But it isn’t till now that I truly apply all my inner beliefs into who I am .  I am going to the Bahamas because I love growing. I believe you can never gain enough knowledge. The greatest gift I can give as a result is to share it. 

I am looking forward to sharing all that I gained going on this adventure with my kids. I will be posting while in the Bahamas. Make it a great day! Thank you Liberty League for inspiration in my own life. Thank you Brent and Shane for beyond freedom ! You can be apart of life changing events like this one. Click on the Liberty League link. Step out of your box!

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