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It took 5 years , But it had to be that way.

Sometimes we do not  know why things happen when they do . You wonder why it did not happen sooner. Then you take a look at yourself and realize that you would not  have been able to handle it . 

It took 5 years , But it had to be that way

I wanted to tell someone how I felt about them and the situation that had surrounded us for 5 years . Not till the other day did I realize that 5 years ago I would not have handled it the same. Even 2 years ago I probably would have still been angry. It would have worked out if it happened sooner. 

I am truly grateful to have my father -in -law back in our life . I know it was meant to be the way it was . I am just glad we can move forward and never look back . There is no room for blame only room to create memories.

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When is it Time to Let Go?




When ending a relationship of any kind ,When is it Time to Let Go?  I get confronted with this situation all the time. I think there is an appropriate time to let go. For everybody the answer may seem different. We all heal differently . What is good for some is not always good for others. I think the longer we focus on something the harder it is to get past it.

You are what you focus on . If you spend your days thinking about the other person , of course you will feel sadness all day. Why would you want to feel like that all day? If you sit and wonder if they are thinking of you and what are they doing really isn’t doing anything productive for yourself. 

I am going to list some tools that you can use to help you get past any kind of relationship that you are ending:

  • Understand what the  attachment is to that person to begin with.
  • If you are feeling sadness ,Get in touch with why you are feeling sad.
  • Send a letter of GRATITUDE … Let them know things that you got out of the relationship that was healthy and that you just wanted to acknowledge  that. That will make you think positive about why they were in your life to begin with.
  • FORGIVE… If was a bad relationship for you, forgiveness is a healthy way to let go.
  • Find something to take up your time. Look to see where you can improve on yourself. 

It is very important at this time to take the time to focus on yourself. This is the time to be a little selfish. Are you eating healthy? Do you exercise? Do you take the time to make yourself feel good? This isn’t something you should just do when you are ending a relationship. These questions you should ask yourself all the time. You are the only person that can take the best care of yourself.

The beyond freedom program has great tools to help you succeed in all areas in you life.

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