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How Important is Keeping up with the News

Is your life going to end if you don’t watch or read the news? Do you realize how damaging the news that is reported . I would have to say 98% of the news is negative. What can you possibly be gaining by subjecting yourself to it. 

How Important is Keeping up with the News?


If you stopped reading the newspaper or watching the news would your life end? Would you still find out about the important things happening in the world. The answer is no your life wouldn’t end , and you would still find out the big things happening in the world. So why don’t you give your mind a rest of all the negative input society puts in your brain. Fill it with better things like important information that would make you a happier person. Read a book or take a walk and enjoy nature. 

You can refill your time with things that would create you to be a happier person. I gave up the news in June. I still am aware of what is happening with out it effecting me. I can enjoy my life with out knowing about the killings or accidents that I cannot do anything about. It allows my brain to work with out wasting time worrying about things that I don’t know if it could happen to me. Do you realize that the news influences your thoughts and behaviors.  Is that really what you want to influnced by? I myself would rather be influnced by millionaires and successful happy people.

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Who do you choose to be?

Are you just doing and never consider being?

What I am trying to say is are you doing things in your life because you think you are suppose to do so. Or are you the type that is busy being who they are. There is a difference. I wake up every day and look in the mirror and tell myself I love who I am. The person I am busy being.  I make sure everyday of my life I am taking action for myself. I will never progress unless I do things in my life to create the being I want to be. It wasn’t easy at first . To step out of my comfort zone and take action made me very uncomfortable. 

The more I let go of the fear of change, The more I am progressing. Doubt in the how is what holds you back. Always questioning how things can be that way , instead of just going and making things be the way I want them in my life. Letting go of the outside opinion on how life should be. Letting outside interference cause me doubt in my decisions for myself , Only holds me back. 


That will no longer happen for me now that I am aware of what is holding me back. I am going to let go of my fears and enjoy the ride of a lifetime. I am so excited that I have discovered this early in my life so I have a long life left to live it being ME !




Let go of fear. Just flow …

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