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Integrity is Everything

I am reading this amazing book Integrity is Everything , By John Lavenia . John is a leader in Liberty League. I am sure I would have came across his book other wise . Regardless how I am grateful I am reading it . It is like life in lei-mans terms. Very simple and right to the point. I have to be a fool not to grow a tremendous amount after I am done with it . I will share more details of the book when I am finished. 


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What really matters to you ?

Dana Malave

What really matters ?

How often do you ask yourself those kind of questions ? What is your limit of bending your morals. I feel you  should never compromise your morals no matter how innocent it seems . If you decide to live your life a certain way , Should you compromise for someone else to feel good about themselves ? Even if it makes you uncomfortable ?

I truly believe no matter how petty it might seem to someone else . You should stick to your choices. Let the other person be fascinated by your decision and move on.

Keeping with you integrity is everything !

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