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What make you think you DESERVE anything ???

Most people walk around in life feeling that they really don’t deserve anything .  They will rationalize why they really shouldn’t have the new car or a new outfit . Look around you , Where has it gotten you ? Do you have the new car or clothes ? 

I am working really hard refusing my brain to have new thoughts. I want it to for the most part wipe out all bad memories that I would compare things to . I don’t want to be conditioned in my feelings. Anytime something happens I don’t want to base my opinion on my past experiences I may have had . 

I was conditioned to think I really don’t deserve things. Again , Not that my parents did that on purpose. It happened. They were conditioned the same way from their parents. I am just a product of both of my parents. So back to what I was saying . I believed that I didn’t really deserve things. My husband and I would go shopping and I would never buy myself anything unless it was on sale . I would always push my husband to spend money on himself . I would tell him he deserved it . That he works real hard and should buy nice things for himself. Crazy thing about it . I work real hard too ! I should be able to get myself nice things. Why don’t  I . In the past I had truly convinced myself that I didn’t really deserve it. 


I do now. I retraining myself to go into a store and not look at any prices .If I see something that I like I have to buy it . SO I am not allowed to check the price . I have to just go and make the purchase. I now understand that I am WORTH IT ! There is plenty out there for us all to have . SO why not. I can have it too !

I can because I deserve it

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Are you being crystal clear on your goals ?

MY GOAL 338 flax hill rdDo you realize how important it is to be crystal clear on your goals ?  

When setting a goal for yourself . You should be able to already see yourself as if you have achieved that goal.  A good idea is not to fail yourself getting to that goal . It is very important to stick to the goal till it is achieved. If you don’t you will be left know that the only reason you have not reached that goal is because you walked away and gave up. Some times you don’t even realize that you are just moments away from hitting you goal mark and you make the decision to walk away. 

Just stay focused on your goal . Don’t be distracted by outside influences . Most of society would enjoy seeing you at a time of failure than a time of success . That is because when you find the success and the Joy  and  Happiness that follows with that. You remind others of their failures. Don’t let those passion drainers weigh you down.

How do you do that you might ask ?  Limit the time you spend interacted with these types of people. Don’t feel bad you are distance yourself . Just stay focused on the main objective. YOU . YOUR GOAL ! 


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Heading out on our First Real Family Vacation

Acapulco , Mexico … Here we come.


Making Memories

Making Memories



I am so excited I am overwhelmed with joy to be taking this trip with my family. This trip to Acapulco is the first real family vacation we are taking. 

We will being doing great things while we are there. There is  liberty conference my husband and I will be attending. I can’t wait to share in everything I experience this week.


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