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What a Trip !

Living Life ! Acapulco , MexicoIn the next few days I will catch you up to speed on my whole journey in Mexico . Wow what a learning experience I had.

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Setting your goals … No such thing as to big!




When setting yourself goals don’t confuse yourself with wishes. Wishes don’t necessarily have a time frame. Goals have more or less deadlines you want them done by , then you set new ones. People think your wishes can only be big and far fetched. The reality of it is you can set huge goals . Then empower yourself by believing that nothing is going to stop the goals from happening. See yourself have achieved those goals. See yourself celebrating the goal!

Setting your goals… No such thing as to BIG !

I have set up some goals for myself. I have set up a journal for those goals. I make sure I write in my journal in the morning . The morning writing is so I make sure I have my goals fresh in my mind for the day. The writing in the end of my day is so that I can have gratitude for the things I may have achieved that day. To also refresh my thoughts for the night . I want to make sure the last thing I think about before I go to bed are my goals . I remind myself everyday the time frame I have set my goals for. 

For whatever reason I might not achieve my goal with in my time frame. I will go back into my journal and see where I lost myself. It means at some point I had given up. I had doubt and failure interfere with my achievement. Then I make sure that I stayed more committed for my next goal. 

The key to achieving any goal is commitment!


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The End of an Amazing Week – Day 11

an amazing week I have come to The End of an Amazing Week . I have explored sides of personal growth I’d never new i can achieve. I have opened other peoples eyes to an amazing life just by sharing my story.

I feel so blessed by the things I have learned.The Beyond Freedom program has helped me create new goals on top of my old ones. I have become more determined and more focus than ever before. I am so excited about life and that I can achieve anything i want.

I have met some of the most amazing people . They have shared there experiences with me . I have learned to listen more than talk. More importantly I have learned from sharing myself with others. Everyday is a new day to grow .

Like I have said before I have been on this journey a long time. I have grown more in the past week than I have in the past 5 years. I hope I am setting a good example to my children. They will have an advantage . What I am learning at 34 , they are being raised with. They are growing into amazing humans.

Life is good. I enjoy stepping out of the box!

Aren’t you ready for that change?

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