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I am Living My Life as I Choose to



living dead

living dead



Wow , I am at day 71. Time flies when you are living your life. Not letting life live you. Sam Crowley had said, “I see dead people everyday” I know what he means. He didn’t mean that he can see the dead. He meant that the average person is walking around like they are dead. They are letting life live them, not living there life.

I am Living My Life as I Choose to.

I refuse to walk around like I am dead. I want to feel life. Enjoy and embrace it. I have taken full control over myself. I practice full discipline. I make choices for myself and stick to them. When I don’t the only person I am hurting is myself. Why would I choose to do that. 

I love that I am able to touch the hearts and souls of those I talk with. I learn from the same people I help. That is true growth in my eyes. When you are able to give and take at the same time.I used to not be the best listener. That has changed because I wanted it to grow and learn. You can’t learn if you don’t listen.

Day 71!

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