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Everyday is Saturday

It is almost a year ago that I went to Hawaii . That was the first conference that I went to as a liberty league associate . 

  Sam Crowley was the guest speaker .

Sam and his girls

Sam Crowley  thought he was following the “American Dream.”

An ex-stuttering college dropout, Sam worked his way up to a corner office at a Fortune 100 company.

With a six-figure salary and all the perks, he was supposed to be content… but he was secretly MISERABLE.

Sam arrived home late every night, giving his best at work while his family got leftovers.

Like so many people in the corporate world, his American Dream had turned into a nightmare!

One night, Sam’s daughter Madeline uttered 4 innocent words that stopped him in his tracks and changed the course of his family’s life forever…

Arriving home late (again), Sam went upstairs to find his 3 year-old daughter already in bed.

She asked him, “Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?”

Saturday was the only day Sam had time to spend with his family- the only day he could be a real father.

** Every Day Is Saturday Is Born **

That night, Sam decided that someday soon, every day would be Saturday.

He realized that his ultimate goal was to be a great father for his children.

Sam managed to quit his job and start his own business that allows hi the “Ultimate Saturday Lifestyle” as an international motivational speaker and business coach.

In short order, Sam was able to…

– Go from speaking for free to getting paid $25,000 per keynote address

– Quit his job and spend more time with his 3 young daughters

– Start a motivational podcast that is now downloaded by 30,000 loyal subscribers in over 100 countries around the world

– And much, much more all based on nothing but the power of his dream!

And it’s not just Sam who is making a massive transition- just look at what his students have accomplished:

– Dustin Salisbury, a 24 year-old senior airman in the US Air Force, used Sam’s message to conquer fear and adversity while deployed in Iraq

– Brian McElroy produced his first documentary film and helped raise over $100,000 for charity with Sam’s guidance

– Dino Herbert was motivated by Sam to take action and truly live the life he wanted as a speaker, trainer, and author

** Six Days To Saturday **

While Sam was going through his own transition, and then started helping others reach their Saturday, he documented each step of the process.

He knew it would become an invaluable blueprint for anyone with a dream to make their own Saturday a reality.

The result is “Six Days To Saturday,” the first-ever audio series dedicated to helping you go from Monday to Saturday!

In six digitally mastered audio CDs (and an accompanying workbook), Sam takes you through each step of the process:

Monday – Feel The Pain And Write Your Future

Tuesday – Preparing For Success

Wednesday – The Time For Action!

Thursday – Failure Is A Verb, Not A Noun

Friday – Commitment & Persistence 

Saturday – You Are A Champion!

No matter what your Saturday may be, Sam’s message is POWERFUL.

If you want to spend more time with family, make a bigger contribution to others, and bring your life to a whole new level, then Sam’s message is for you.

You can learn more about “Six Days To Saturday” and request a free copy of Sam’s powerful report “Seize Your Saturday Power!”https://friday.infusionsoft.com/go/special/Dana

Go there now and make EVERY day Saturday!

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7 more days – Acapulco here we come !

I am going to my 2nd  liberty conference . This is my 3rd conference in total . This time it is in Acapulco , Mexico. We are staying at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess

7 more days – Acapulco here we come !

Liberty Conference 2009

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Count down till Liberty Conference

I am leaving in 11 days to go to the Liberty Conference. I look forward to this . I know I am going to get new tools in life. I can’t wait to find out who the speakers are. This is my second Liberty Conference. My first was last June in Hawaii. This year it is in Acapulco Mexico. 

Liberty Conference

Then I will be counting down the days till the Summit Conference. Hawaii again. The last Summit conference was the trip to the Bahamas. 

I can’t wait to share all the great information I get from there. It usually take me a month of posting to put it all on my blog. It is great . After a while you don’t want yo keep blogging about the same thing. The conferences allow me to be more creative in my writing . Fresh and new thoughts on life. 

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Life has become so much More Exciting to ME !

Well folks I am a product of what I educate myself with. I have been part of a amazing company called Liberty League International for 4 months now. At first I didn’t think twice about what I was doing. I took action and thought about it after. Then as weeks went on I doubted myself. Was I making the right choice for me and my family? Well the answer is yes! I most definitely made the right choice . With Liberty League and the beyond freedom program I am a new me.

Life has become so much More Exciting to ME !




It wasn’t till a week ago when I realized what I was missing. I need to let go . Purely and Honestly ,let go! I had to understand that things aren’t perfect. And that if I keep pushing myself for perfection I will never get it. I had to stop and be thankful for what I was doing and feel confident enough that It will bring me success. We’ll It is bringing me lots of success. I am so excited about the 180 my life is taking. 

It didn’t seem like it could at all be possible. I kept making up reasons why I couldn’t have everything I wanted in life. I now realize that all I need was to take some action in my life. It really isn’t that hard. I just have to get out of my comfort zone and let fear be the motivator in my life. Afraid of saying i didn’t even try. Who wants to say that.   

I am free , I am alive

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Liberty League’s Wake up to Success call


The Morning Wake-Up Call

The Morning Wake-Up Call

























 I look forward everyday to my wake up call. It is a call I go on every morning Monday through Friday. The Intro taker is Kevin Knect. He is on the call greeting everybody calling in. When you dial up you introduce yourself on the call. 

Liberty League

Then he introduces Tony Rush. Tony has been doing the wake up to success call for about 2 years now. He will usually pick a topic on Monday that will last all week. There are guests on the call. The guest are all associates of the company. 


We had the pleasure of spending 6 days in the Bahamas with these amazing people and their families. They shared all the knowledge they have in being successful in Liberty League. But what I learned is you have to been successful with yourself. That is really the point to the conferences. To grow as a individual human being. I was lucky enough to be able to have my children with me. So we got to grow together. When we sit down we get up new people!

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Going to the Bahamas – The Next Step in My Life

Going to the Bahamas is a huge step for my life. I am going to attend a life changing conference. I am using this step to have purpose in my life. I do already have purpose in my life . It never hurts to have more. I truly enjoyed my trip to Hawaii. Listening to Lee Brower and Sam Crowley,That was the beginning of the new. They new way my family and I are going to live our lives. Everyday I wake up with the most amazing feeling in my body. I am over joyed by the excitement. 

The Next Step in My Life

The best part for me is I no longer allow others opinions to effect the decisions I make in my life and for my family. I always knew that I can create those day dreams into reality. I  had a understanding how to make things possible. But it isn’t till now that I truly apply all my inner beliefs into who I am .  I am going to the Bahamas because I love growing. I believe you can never gain enough knowledge. The greatest gift I can give as a result is to share it. 

I am looking forward to sharing all that I gained going on this adventure with my kids. I will be posting while in the Bahamas. Make it a great day! Thank you Liberty League for inspiration in my own life. Thank you Brent and Shane for beyond freedom ! You can be apart of life changing events like this one. Click on the Liberty League link. Step out of your box!

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Day 82 – I Feel Strong !

Although i am dealing with Vertigo . I feel strong. I feel the strength in my life. My thoughts are strong. That empowers me to be better than my obstacles. In the past 81 days a lot has happened in my life. I have made some big decisions and taking big steps. All of them I am proud of. I am grateful for Liberty League being in my life. Without the support of the large community i would still be doubting myself. 


Day 82-I Feel Strong!


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Day 50: Life is Changing Before My Eyes

Many people want to see change before they commit to doing something. What they don’t understand is that you need to commit in order to see change. Life isn’t about finding the easy way out. You get out of life what you put in.

For Me My Life is Changing Before My Eyes.

I strongly believe in BE. DO. HAVE. Without those core principles in my life I will have no progress. I can complain all I want about the things I don’t have. I can be only upset with myself if I have done nothing to go out and get them. Yes I believe in the law of attraction. I can positive think about things all I want. You need action in your life to acquire  them.

 I had already known what house I wanted. I have pictures of it everywhere. I even have a rubber stamp with my name and the address on it. I know it sounds silly. I believed that I attracted things into my life. I know that I just can’t positive think this house into my life. I need to Be. Do . Have. 

My dream house

 I attracted Liberty League into my life. With this I will purchase my dream home.

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Back From Hawaii – Day 30

Welcome Home Mommy!

Welcome Home Mommy!

Well I am Back From Hawaii. It is Day 30 Of my Beyond Freedom program . Wow I have learned so much these past few days I am not really sure where to start.

One most important things I have learned is to share my story. Not just to share but make sure I show Emotion. Sam Crowley Started the site Everyday is Saturday. He was one of the speakers in Hawaii. He showed emotion. He shared his story. That’s all he did and it changed lives. He gave to people some core principles into how to go about that. He opened the window of opportunity for others to spontaneously share and show emotion to us. The tears flowed. Not just from those that shared . From all those that listened. Listening is just as important as sharing.

Listening to Sam Crowley I realized that I am doing it right. I share everyday with people. More than that I am truthful about the struggles that got me to where I am today .   How grateful I am to have had those struggles in my life. I haven’t spoke to my father in almost a year . I am sending him out a letter today to thank him for all the life experiences that we endured together. It created this amazing human being that I am today. I am not sharing this with him in  hopes to gain anything back . I just want to give gratitude for what i already received.

Gratitude is another topic I will touch on in the next few weeks.  I hope I am sharing enough , with enough emotion that I help others grow and see the potential they may have. How important it is to share themselves with others.

Thank you Liberty League !

The view from my hotel room

The view from my hotel room

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My Trip to Hawaii is Life Changing

My Trip to Hawaii is life changing.

Where do I begin? I listen to Lee Brower speak this morning. It was life changing. Almost instanly i changed thoughts in my head. I can’t explain it. If someone tried to explain what was going to happen here in Hawaii…. Words couldn’t bring it justice.

The lecture was from 8:30 to 12:30 . Not for one second did I want to leave my seat. The last 2 hours I had to use the bathroom, but I didn’t want to miss a word he said. I brought my friend with me. I don’t think she expected to be so effected by what he said.

I took tons of notes and over the course of the next few weeks I am going to share in the enlightenment that I exerienced. Tomorrow’s lecture is with Sam Crowley. Cannot wait to see what I learn about myself tomorrow.

Thank you  Liberty league.

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