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Kick off 2009 – My trip to LA

Step out of the Box  I just kicked of this year with 1000 of the most amazing people. The secrets to success in my business were put out by the top income earner of all time in the company. This years top income earner Rachel Oliver make over a million dollars in the past 12 months. You can see where I am headed. I am so grateful I will be able to share my journey with all of you. Life is out there , You have to choose in . That is the only way you are ever going to get any where.

I made  a choice a long time ago I want in. Stick around and watch me rise to the top! 


Be. Do. Have.

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Why is it so important to look in the mirror and like what you see.


i love what i see

i love what i see

I think it is very important that when you look in the mirror you are happy with what you see. I don’t mean the actual reflection. I mean   what you see in the person you are looking at.

Everyday I make it a point to look in the mirror and make sure I am happy with the person I am. I won’t lie it took years for me to achieve that goal. But with out a doubt I love who I see. 

At this point I remind myself everyday that I love myself, And I am a amazing person. You know why I do that , Because If I sit and wait for someone to tell me those things I might not hear it everyday. Or as often I as I should.

Why is it important to look in the mirror and like what I see?

I also tell myself my goals in the mirror. I look into my eyes and see the excitement of achieving those goals. The best part about sharing with myself in the mirror. There is no negaitive feed back. Nobody telling me to get real, or that it is too out of my reach. I am truly my own best friend. I am the most amazing support system I have to date. (not to mention my amazing husband). It is really  that simple to have positive reinforcement in your life. 

The beyond freedom program has opened my eyes to this wonderful idea . I have taken the idea and aloud it to change my way of being. I love that gift of being open minded.  I also love sharing something that works! Are you ready to step out of your box?

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Be Present in Your Own Life.

 Have passion for you life. When you have passion for your own life , you will find yourself being present. It is amazing how alive you become once you are present in your life.  The law of attraction acknowledges you when you are in the now! 

Be Present in Your Own Life


Let me be the first to say congratulations on being present in your life.

Let me be the first to say congratulations on being present in your life.



Figure out what your goals are and how you can become present. When you think about your goals all day. You are creating yourself to be present. Also when you are thinking about your goals all day you will always make decisions that will help you make your goals more present in your life. 

I have goals in my life and everyday I keep myself present . Beyond Freedom helps me stay focused .

I know that being this way is creating me in doing things this way and this way I will have results!

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Setting your goals … No such thing as to big!




When setting yourself goals don’t confuse yourself with wishes. Wishes don’t necessarily have a time frame. Goals have more or less deadlines you want them done by , then you set new ones. People think your wishes can only be big and far fetched. The reality of it is you can set huge goals . Then empower yourself by believing that nothing is going to stop the goals from happening. See yourself have achieved those goals. See yourself celebrating the goal!

Setting your goals… No such thing as to BIG !

I have set up some goals for myself. I have set up a journal for those goals. I make sure I write in my journal in the morning . The morning writing is so I make sure I have my goals fresh in my mind for the day. The writing in the end of my day is so that I can have gratitude for the things I may have achieved that day. To also refresh my thoughts for the night . I want to make sure the last thing I think about before I go to bed are my goals . I remind myself everyday the time frame I have set my goals for. 

For whatever reason I might not achieve my goal with in my time frame. I will go back into my journal and see where I lost myself. It means at some point I had given up. I had doubt and failure interfere with my achievement. Then I make sure that I stayed more committed for my next goal. 

The key to achieving any goal is commitment!


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Top Ten Ways to Stick to Your Goals

We all set goals for ourselves. How many of us actually succeed with our goals? I am going to share with you several ways to achieve the goals you set for yourself. It isn’t always easy , just remember you are in charge. It is your life.

Are you scoring your goals in life?

Top Ten Ways to Stick to Your Goals


  1. Set your goals small –  that way it isn’t so out of your reach
  2. Set a small amount of goals at one time – If you set yourself to many goals your focus is all over the place.
  3. Celebrate your achievements – No achievement is to small to celebrate. It will get you excited to complete the next goal.
  4. Everyday remind yourself why you are achieving the goals you have set for yourself.
  5. At the end of each week re-evaluate your goal list – Making sure you  are not setting to many goals for yourself 
  6. Remind yourself everyday you are working towards these goals because you choose to.
  7. Enjoy achieving your goals , It is a positive thing in your life.
  8. Share in your journey .
  9. Remember no goal is silly if it is your dream. 
  10. Do not let others influence you out of achieving your goals.


Just remember you are in charge of your life. Only you can fail yourself. Even you don’t complete the goal that is no excuse to give up. Everyday is a new day. Every new day is a new opportunity to be successful in your life.

Do you set yourself up for success?  

Are you scoring your goals in life?

Are you scoring your goals in life?


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Life is a Blessing


God's little Blessing

God's little Blessing

I am going a little off my usual topics. I became a aunt last night. It is a wonderful thing. My older brother became a father. He now understands what it is like to create life. He now knows about LIFE BEING A BLESSING.


Sometimes we get so caught up in the material word we lose touch with the simple joys of life. Birth and creation of a human life is one of the most amazing things in the world. I know i did it twice. It truly puts things into perspective. The first moments with your child doesn’t even seem real. It is almost like the world stopped. Time is standing still. You try to hold on to that feeling forever. 

The sad part is that people forget that feeling and jump right back into the material world. Losing sight very quickly of what life is truly about. We need to hold tight to what is truly important in life. For me it is my family. They are the most important to me. Being at home and creating a strong family bond is my first priorty in life. 

I have many goals I have set for myself. My first major goal is retire my husband so he doesn’t miss out on anymore memories . I am tired of him being married to his job .So is he. We are young and people don’t think it is possible for our dreams to come true. Good thing I don’t create my dreams on what other people have to say. If i did I would have never had the successful life i have to begin with.

Life is short , so lets not loose sight on what is really important.

Life is a Blessing.

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Are We Setting Ourselves Up For Failure?

At the first day of the Conference Lee Brower spoke upon Goals.  Are we setting ourselves up for failure ? Do we set our goals to high ? What does a goal mean anyway ?

How often do we misuse our goals ? Do you realize that goals that are set up with the pure use of will power will fail . Those goals are usually set to high and to hard. We need to learn to set the goals much smaller. That doesn’t mean that  you won’t accomplish the big goal in the end. It just means you leave your self less opportunity to fail. It is hard to fail a small goal. An example he gave was reading a book. You would ideally like to read a chapter every night . Maybe the first week you succeed . Then week 2 comes around and you have other things that might come up that doesn’t leave you the time. If you had set your goal to one word a day , I am sure you’d find the time for that. By week 2 you can still handle that one word a day concept. But really are you going to read just one word. No! But you didn’t set yourself up for more than you can actually handle . So if you read more it is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Another way to follow through with a goal you set is to use Vision. Vision yourself completing these goals. The whole idea is to get in motion. By seeing yourself doing these things motivates you to take action. Action is the most important part. With out action there is no success. How many people do you know that complain a lot about life but never take action in their own lives. They fail themselves every time . They don’t see the vision . They don’t use the motion.  Are you one of those people?

The Train is leaving on you on board ?

Beyond Freedom program

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Day 22 – Stay Focus , Give the Universe Time to Manifest

Here I am Day 22.

I need to Stay Focused and Give the Universe Time to Manifest My Dreams.

Some things seem like it happens over night. Somethings definitely will take longer for the universe to manifest. I am just so excited about life i want it to all happen now.

Hilton Resort & Spa in HawaiiHilton Resort & Spa in Hawaii

I am leaving for Hawaii in 3 days. I am so excited to meet all of these wonderful people. The best thing about these people is we are all like minded. We may all be going to Hawaii to hear to same people. We will all be leaving there with our own experiences. We will all grow in different ways. I will take home everything I learn and apply it to my day life. Just as I do with my Beyond Freedom program. Every time I read or listen to the CD’s I learn something new.

When changing who you are you need to constantly remind your self that you are a work in progress. Give yourself a chance. If you fail yourself at something make it a point the next day to stick to your goal. I set goals for myself that I keep repeatedly failing myself. I realize thought I am failing MYSELF. So I kicked it into gear. I am showing more self discipline. I also remind myself I am doing this because I want to . Nobody is forcing me to change. I took this upon myself to do. That is why I say when I am failing, I fail myself.

This is my journey in life.

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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

strong marriage

I have been married for 9 years this past May. It hasn’t always been a a walk in the park. When my husband and I said “I do”… we took that to heart. We had decided that no matter what we will do everything it takes to have a successful marriage. So about 4 years into out marriage we decided we are going to need some extra support in having a strong marriage. The “extra help” had given us some tools to use. I was able to pull together the

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

  1. Stay honest.
  2. Speak your mind when you are thinking it. If you wait to long your spouse might not understand where you are coming from.
  3. Be truthful, sometimes brutal honesty is the only type of honesty. The truth hurts, so it isn’t always easy.
  4. Stay friends- don’t forget why you got married to begin with.
  5. Spend quality time together. Go on a date once a week.
  6. Laugh together.
  7. Sit down every few months and re-evaluate your life goals. Make sure you are always on the same page. Support each others goals and dreams.
  8. Don’t compare your marriage to any other. Every relationship is different.
  9. Have sex regularly. That leaves no room for fighting over that!
  10. Be in love … Not just have love for each other.

We had caught slack for having a strong marriage. I had heard to many times that we all can’t be perfect like Dana & Chris. Well folks… perfect we are not. Truly committed ….we are.

Committed to each other. We knew we had to try everything before we walk away from a marriage that we put all of ourselves into. We also had 2 children that would be damaged for life if we didn’t at least try.

So here we are 5 years later and stronger than ever. Do we fight?…. I wouldn’t call it fighting anymore. It is more like debates. I couldn’t imagine at this point in my life wanting to share it with anybody else but Chris. We share the same goals in life. We both want a life of abundance. We support each other in all our dreams. We are powerful as a team. We are successful because we want to be!

reason to keep it strong

Outrageous Riches Now

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Law of Attraction

Living The Law of Attraction is easier than you can imagine.

It is funny how people look to see what other people are doing in order to make decisions in there lives.

I realized that Oprah talked about the Law of Attraction on her show yesterday. She is a very powerful and influential. She has a way of starting the next craze. You remember THE SECRET.

The secret book

I hope people realize that using the Law of Attraction takes time and dedication. Just like any other goal you want to achieve. They supply the tools and you follow the rules. Anybody can do it. Which makes me wonder why doesn’t everybody do it.

Most of us are taught from a very early age you go to school, get a job, have a family and retire. That is the goals that we set up for ourselves. For me I was told life is a struggle. I guess because it was for my parents. I am grateful to learn that i was given false information.

The Law of Attraction has me exceeding my life goals and creating new ones. I hope you can realize, that is available to you as well…… Not just because Oprah says so.

Outrageous Riches Now

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