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Day 19 – The Growing Doesn’t Stop- “Change or transform your character”


“Change or transform your character “

Everyday I am growing.

The Growing Doesn’t Stop.

Here I am on day 19 of The Beyond Freedom program. Everyday I am learning more and more about myself. Everyday I wake up more excited than the day before. I think one of the most exciting parts is waiting to see what will manifest from my positive energy. I have an amazing vacation coming up next week that i have butterflies thinking about. I plan on getting a lot of information to help me grow.

I want to grow in every area of my life. I want to be a better mother, wife , friend & all around human. I have realized new goals in my life in the past 19 days. I have looked deep into myself to see what I am good at. I found it. I want to be a spiritual mentor. I feel I have a gift of opening peoples eyes to their own potential . I have always been one to give advice. Ever since I was little. My friends always came to me for advice. I am a very good support system. I used to joke and say I will send you a bill in the mail. I now realize that is my true calling. The best part is I now know have to practice my own advice. You must always practice what you preach.

I used to be better at giving advice than taking it, but I can’t preach with out practicing. That is why I am so focused on bettering myself . With the The Beyond Freedom program I am in a forward motion on my way there.

I hope that sharing in my journey can help you better yourself!



“He who does not know can know from learning”

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