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Why is it so important to look in the mirror and like what you see.


i love what i see

i love what i see

I think it is very important that when you look in the mirror you are happy with what you see. I don’t mean the actual reflection. I mean   what you see in the person you are looking at.

Everyday I make it a point to look in the mirror and make sure I am happy with the person I am. I won’t lie it took years for me to achieve that goal. But with out a doubt I love who I see. 

At this point I remind myself everyday that I love myself, And I am a amazing person. You know why I do that , Because If I sit and wait for someone to tell me those things I might not hear it everyday. Or as often I as I should.

Why is it important to look in the mirror and like what I see?

I also tell myself my goals in the mirror. I look into my eyes and see the excitement of achieving those goals. The best part about sharing with myself in the mirror. There is no negaitive feed back. Nobody telling me to get real, or that it is too out of my reach. I am truly my own best friend. I am the most amazing support system I have to date. (not to mention my amazing husband). It is really  that simple to have positive reinforcement in your life. 

The beyond freedom program has opened my eyes to this wonderful idea . I have taken the idea and aloud it to change my way of being. I love that gift of being open minded.  I also love sharing something that works! Are you ready to step out of your box?

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