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Are true to yourself ?

When looking in the mirror are you just looking at the reflection or are you really seeing yourself ? I never realized when I looked in the mirror I wasn’t really seeing me. It was strange the first time I looked myself in the eyes. Like as if I was staring into a strangers eyes. Instead of being in shock that I have never taken the time to do this before . I actually enjoyed what I saw. I was pleased with what I look like . I can see the happiness in my spirit. I can see the energy that people tell me I am giving off.


Look in your Eyes

Look in your Eyes


That is one of the greatest gifts I have ever learned. Really look at yourself and ask yourself ,Do you love you ? Are you happy ? Do you like who you are ?  Then listen to your answers and if you don’t like what the answers are then take action in your life. Step out of your box and make changes that are going to give you better results when you ask those questions.

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