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Don’t be Afraid to Move On

To many people are afraid to let go and move on. Especially when it comes to people. I don’t know why people insist on keeping people in there lives that are negative influences in there lives. Even when it come to family . They feel there is a blood tie and that is worth the unhappiness. 

Don’t be Afraid to Move On


Let go !

Let go !



Me , I rather be happy then spend a single moment making myself miserable to please someone else. I have always been true to that in my life. I had let go of a lot of things in my life to be happier. Some I never thought I can do with out. Some Family members. With time some I was able to restore some things and people back in my life. But Other things will have to remain gone forever. But that is great. I have more room for the things that bring me joy and happiness. 

You shouldn’t be afraid  to move on. That is giving you the space and opportunity in your life to better yourself. Just look to please yourself. Put yourself first, because you know deep down inside nobody else is gonna put you first in there lives. You take care of you the best and you punish yourself just as well . Stop the punishments and start rewarding yourself .

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Time To Renovate

When you decide to make changes in your life it sometimes gets a little messy. Just like making a renovation , Things can get a little messy. Maybe a paint spills or you started to many projects at one time. But like all renovations it all comes together in the end.


Don’t loose track of why you started the change. When it gets messy you tend to have doubt. That is when we tend to think we aren’t deserving of greatness. But you are. Why not. Why shouldn’t you have everything you want out of life. There really are no limits.

Today is the perfect day to step out of your box. Make today the day of change. If you need help it is available for you to do it on your own in a 90 day program. Make it time to Renovate.

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