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I am Making Moves in My Life

          I am making big moves for my family. I realize that I am only going to be successful in my life if I choose it! The only way that is going to happen is for my to take action. I need to stop wasting my energy on the how and really focus on the why. Why do I want these things for myself , And am I focusing on what I really want. 

I am Making Moves in My Life !

       There is a big conference that I want to go to . I knew as soon as I committed to it everything else will fall into place. I made the purchase and booked the trip . You know that everything else is starting to pick up. I am looking forward to my successes.

       I am becoming the master of Be. Do. Have. I was once told to become the master of what I am focusing on and I will become great at what I do. It is true. To become a master you need to spend the time and learn the craft. With everything you need to follow before you can lead. If someone is offering you the tools , Then you better grab them before someone else does!

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