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New Years resolutions

How many times have you made resolutions and never stuck to them? Why is this year going to be the year for change?


Happy New Year

So many times I have made resolutions for the new year and come day one it is a struggle. That is because I have not really committed in my mind that things will be different. I never had a real good plan to be successful . I used to be a smoker. That was resolution I would come up with every year. I will quit for New years. If I hadn’t quit already new years wasn’t gonna make the difference. If I need to set a date to quit something then I was never really ready to quit it anyway. 

Everybody has things about themselves they would love to change. I listen to the mothers at the school talk about there faults all the time. Yet not a single one of them choose to anything to fix it. Especially the over weight ones. I love how they tell me how easy it is to loose the weight , but they choose to eat unhealthy . Does it make sense, NO! 

This year tell yourself that you don’t need a special day to start something new. You definitely don’t need a start date to quit something bad in your life. All you will need is the desire and the action in your life. Take a good look around you. Realize life is a choice . Choose wisely how you choose to spend it. And don’t keep putting off your gaols and desires for another day! 

Make today the day !

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