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My old Programming

Dana Malave

I need to focus on staying clear of my Old Programming . I need to rewire my brain so that it never reflects on any past experience that has a negative condescending way about it . When you replace old habits with new ones you can live as if the old habits never existed . That is the ideal situation I am going for . I figure if I keep connecting with like minded people , It will be easier for me to change the way I speak and think . I have different types of conversations with the new people in my life. They are not complaining or  negative in anyway . They are always enlightening and up lifting . I feel as if I have support in my new lifestyle . I am growing with this amazing company and I am growing as a human . I have such a better understanding of the mind and how powerful it really is . I do believe in the Law if Attraction . I am grateful that I understand what it is and how it works . I love waking up everyday and creating a new and exciting day . I make new discoveries about myself everyday .

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