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Be Someones Hero

Don’t be afraid to help someone open their eyes to reality. People walk around and let life live them everyday. Not until someone opens their eyes to reality do they see what their life has become. For some the path they followed isn’t the best choice in life . Most people are afraid to cross the line and show them the light. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Someones Hero.



Be a Friend ... Be a Hero

Be a Friend ... Be a Hero



You crossing the line can save a life. I listen to people say they are a good friend . To me a good friend doesn’t help their friends in making mistakes in their lives. They are the ones to steer there friend in the right direction. They are the ones that risk the friendship in crossing the line. 

For me I’d rather loose the friendship in trying to save a life .They can end the friendship because I crossed the line, but deep down they know I did it out of friendship. The truth hurts especially when you have denied it for so long. 

Showing people the truth in life has it’s consequences. I as a friend am always willing to take that risk , Are you? 

can you step out of your box to save a friend?

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