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What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear




I think people don’t realized that to sugar coat everything is very dangerous. Most people ask for advise and expect the person to tell them exactly what they want to hear. When the truth of the matter is they are to sensitive to hear the truth. When they are presented with what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear they feel like they are being attacked.

What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear

Every time I am asked advise about something I am as honest as possible. Sometimes honesty is taken as cruelty. That is never where is comes from. It is usually the person that can’t handle the facts about a given situation. I   keep a straight level in my voice when telling someone what they NEED to hear. That way they can’t say I was attacking them. I never want to come off that way or they will never hear what needs to be heard.

When hearing the things you don’t want to hear you need to step out of yourself. It is a growing process when needing to hear the truth. Even bigger step to except it. We all would like life to be painted as a pretty picture . It just doesn’t always work out that way. Be more excepting of what you need to hear and grow from it. You WILL be grateful in the end.


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Be. Do. Have. Day 60

Beyond Freedom Journal day 60

Beyond Freedom Journal day 60

Wow, Am I at Day 60 of the Beyond Freedom Program already.

Time sure does fly when you are constantly moving forward. I am learning so much about myself and even more about others. Funny there is a big difference between doers and complainers. I think I am a doer. If I am unhappy about something I DO something to change it. That I think always separates me from others. I strongly believe that there is no point in complaining about anything if that is all you are willing to do is complain. 

Be. Do. Have.

I have been complaining that I need more leads for my business. Then I asked myself am I doing everything possible to generate what I am looking for. The answer was NO. I was Being , But I wasn’t doing . That is why I don’t have! So Today day 60 I am kicking myself into high gear. Nobody is going to do this for me. 

My life is by my design. I want to keep it that way.

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Day 50: Life is Changing Before My Eyes

Many people want to see change before they commit to doing something. What they don’t understand is that you need to commit in order to see change. Life isn’t about finding the easy way out. You get out of life what you put in.

For Me My Life is Changing Before My Eyes.

I strongly believe in BE. DO. HAVE. Without those core principles in my life I will have no progress. I can complain all I want about the things I don’t have. I can be only upset with myself if I have done nothing to go out and get them. Yes I believe in the law of attraction. I can positive think about things all I want. You need action in your life to acquire  them.

 I had already known what house I wanted. I have pictures of it everywhere. I even have a rubber stamp with my name and the address on it. I know it sounds silly. I believed that I attracted things into my life. I know that I just can’t positive think this house into my life. I need to Be. Do . Have. 

My dream house

 I attracted Liberty League into my life. With this I will purchase my dream home.

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Please Yourself … Don’t Feel You Have To Please Others


Family Obligation

Family Obligation

Why do people feel so obligated to please others and make themselves unhappy. I see this happening everyday. People complain all the time about the things they do for other people. I wish people would realize 


Please Yourself … Don’t Feel You Have To Please Others

  For years I did things in my life to make other people happy. I went to family functions to make my mother happy. Called my grandmothers to please my parents. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I did it out of family obligation. Most people think that you have a family obligation you have to fulfill. 

I have learned that the only obligation I have is with myself . I am obligated to take care of myself. To make sure I keep all toxic things and people out of my life. That includes family. I am grateful to my parents for the birth of my life. I have excepted my life experiences with them as learning tools for my future. But at no time at this point in my life do I think I need to keep them in my life if it brings me down. 

The fact in the matter is I haven’t spoke to my father since September 2007. As a result I had room for the growth I was looking for. I truly believe I couldn’t have achieved the things in the past year that I have if I had him in my life. It is sad to think but it is true. People can hold you back from your true potential. You’d never realize it because of you feeling obligated and never letting go. I would love to be able to share in my growth with my father. If I ever went back into a relationship with him it would be under my terms. That is how I feel about any of the relationships I have let go of. 

When decieding to focus on personal growth, not everybody is supportive. They claim they are. When it comes down to it they treat you as if you are the same person. They haven’t changed how they treat you. It makes it hard to be around them because you aren’t the same person. You don’t care to be treated in that manner anymore. Don’t feel bad to let go of them. If they want to keep you in their life they will have no choice but to change the way they treat you. 

Life is a choice . We get to choose every little aspect of it. From your desired wealth , to your desired weight. What do you choose for yourself ? 

I choose Freedom . With the Beyond Freedom Program .

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Show up for Your “Own” Life – Don’t Leave Untill You Get What You Came For.

What does that mean ? Show up For Your ” own ” life, Don’t Leave Until You Get What You Came For. I was on a morning wake up call with  Liberty League when i heard someone say that. It made me have one of the Ah ha moments that Oprah always talks about. Do I show up for my own life? I thought about it for awhile. Then i came to the conclusion that i do but i still can be more present in my life.

How many of you show up for your own life ? Do you own your actions ? Do you sit and blame the world for all the things that you don’t have instead of being grateful for the things you have. Are you making the life decisions in your own world or do you let the world make them for you .

I know that I make choices for my own life . I wake up everyday and decided for myself what is going to happen that day. Although you cannot predict everything that is going to happen . I can predict how i am going to react to any given situation. I will always respond instead of react. I will always find the positive in everything i do.

I will make sure that I am the main influence in my life. I will own my decisions and choices. I will live to please myself. I will acknowledge the law of attraction in my everyday life. I will not quit on myself until i get what i came for.

Are you ready to get what you came for?

living bold

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