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Mason’s making me wish I can go back to sleep and start the day over again . When is this kid gonna learn ? Why the hard way is his only option . No matter how many times we tell him life is a CHOICE . He chooses to make the same mistakes at least 20 times until I punish him from the world for him to understand . Is it that he is spoiled ? Where did I go wrong ? Should I have spanked him growing up ? I didn’t like it but I listened to my parents .

How do I get my point across to my kids with the correct discipline ? What is the correct discipline ?

Is there a right and a  wrong way ?

My children are my life and when I feel that they are disrespectful to me I feel that somewhere I have failed as a parent . I don’t know why anyone would take advantage of someone who already does everything for them . Is that my bad for always being there for them ?

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Motherhood ~ what it means to me

A mother is a biological and/or social female parent of an offspring.[1] Because of the complexity and differences of a mothers’ social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother to suit a universally accepted definition. 



 Dana & Alexa

Motherhood – What does it define to be ?


   In all cultures mothers play different roles . Everyone has a different reality . That makes motherhood a different experience for us all .

For me motherhood is something I looked forward to embracing since I was young . Being a stay at home mother . It was about nurturing my children into kind well mannered and polite thoughtful humans . Take them to the park, the zoos and the museums  . Teach them about the world . 

When they were school age Motherhood was all about being involved in the school . Always staying excess-able . Supporting my children’s education . Being able to volunteer for class trips and school functions . For me a big part of motherhood . 

Motherhood is also about having a close relationship with my children . They should be able to feel comfortable to come and talk to me about anything . They should know that I am unconditionally there for them . 

The biggest part of motherhood is the joy in my heart watching my kids grow . Dana & Mason


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