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Who cares what people think , They don’t do it very often

  Really do people really even take the time to think anymore ? I don’t think so . People are so interested in what the next person is doing . They don’t even take the time to think for themselves . Then they spend the rest of there time trying to figure out what people think about them .


Who really cares what the next guy thinks ? When you look in the mirror do you care enough about what you think ? Have you ever taken the time to look in the mirror. Really look in the mirror at yourself . Are you interested in yourself enough to care what you think . We as humans have the need to be better to others than we are to ourselves . That is great and giving of us.  BUT Most important we need to be able to create happiness for ourselves first . Then we can let that roll on to others . 

So why again why do we care what others think , Especially when they really don’t do it often . 

To be honest it does matter what people think . It is the best feed back of who you are . But it should only matter for that fact . You can judge yourself on the feed back you acquire from others .

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