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Is What You Perceive Your Reality?

Everybody sees things differently. Who is to say what is right or wrong. Then What becomes reality ? Is it the same thing ?

Is What You Perceive Your Reality?

Do you have the understanding that it is all a matter of how you interrupt things. How you see things can be very different from the person next to you seeing the same things. We use our past history to base our reality. We might be letting our past attachment to feelings hinder out growth. We think because we had the experience once it could happen again. But in all ” Reality” We are creating that to happen with just our thoughts. The more we feed into what our reality should be , the universe Will put it into play.


NYAME DUA  "tree of god" – altar  symbol of God's presence and protection





So just listen in on yourself. Pay attention not to focus your thoughts on anything other than wonderful things. That is what you want to create for your reality . Step out of the box and create a remarkable reality.

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