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Golden Nuggets

I have been seeking advice from very wealthy people. The ideas and the ah ha moments I refer to them as Golden Nuggets


It is one thing to seek out advice . It is another to apply it . I usually take notes when I have these conversations . That way I don’t mix up what I had learned. I highlight the GOLDEN NUGGETS . That way they stand out more . I have been surrounding myself with like minded individuals that excel in the field of personal development . They are also 6 and 7 figure income earners. 

I feel very strong about the saying, ” You are who you hang with ” . I think the people you spend your time with are a reflection of who you are at a particular time . 

Who do you get your GOLDEN NUGGETS from ?

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Staying Focused makes all the DIFFERENCE

I do personal development everyday . Not a little either. I spend most of my day focused on bettering myself. 

Lost 7 lbs in 7 days

I get up at 5:30 am Monday – Friday and do Yoga. At first it wasn’t easy . But then I understood that I didn’t have to do this . It is a choice to do this. I choose to be healthy .I also work out on my Wii Fit and a fitness machine.  But a big part of my mental health is my physical health . When I look in the mirror I need to like what I see on the outside as much on the inside . If not more , My outside reflects my inside. I always enjoy exercising but I would fall off my routine . I would look focus of my goal . The goal of having a healthy body to match my healthy mind. I realized that  Staying Focused made all the Difference !                                  After my yoga I journal . I set my goals for the day and some challenges for myself . They might just be as simple as say something nice to 5 strangers today .  Then I write about any growth I may have experienced in the past 24 hours .                                   Then I move on to visualization . I allow myself to see what I want my end results to look like . I get so involved with my visions I allow my emotions to get involved. Even if it means I need to shed tears . It is truly a great feeling . Then off the meditation . I do some after morning yoga and some at the end of the night to free myself from the day .                                                                                        All and all in the end staying focused is what gets me the results I am looking for . 


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We Need to Focus on Every Aspect of Ourselves

When achieving greatness we need to remember there are several different area’s of ourselves. We just can’t achieve our goals in one area of our lives. 

We Need to Focus on Every Aspect of Ourselves.

We are capable of mental, physical , spiritual and emotional growth. They are all different. They all work together. When people choose to do personal development they almost completely forget about the physical aspect of it. 

In order to have a healthy mind it is very important to have a healthy body. It is very important that you are aware of what you put into your body. You physical health is vital to your mental heath . If we fill our bodies with fast food and junk all the time the body spends most of the time trying to figure out what to do with it. Then the mind doesn’t have time to work on the mental and spiritual parts.

So I feel that in order to progress with your personal development you need to reevaluate you life style. 

  • Do I eat healthy?
  • Do I exercise on a regular basis?
  • When was the last time I had a physical?
  • After you have asked yourself these questions you need to figure out a plan [goal] to make these changes in your life. More importantly how are you going to stick with it. Are you ready and committed to yourself. Are you ready to make a choice to change your every way of being. 

    Once you have gotten this area under control you can grow . You are know on your way to personal development. You have made a commitment to yourself. That is a big aspect in the mental part. You have now taken over your mind. You control your eating and your thoughts on food. Big step. Most people can’t achieve that for themselves.  You need to having the understanding that you control your minds thoughts.   what do you think about all day. What kind of thoughts do you feed your brain? Are they positive or negative? Did you know that you have a choice?  You are what you think and focus about. So It would make sense to focus on only positive things.

        We touched upon mental and physical which leaves Emotional and Spiritual. You need to become emotionally involved in yourself. If you can not feel the emotion for yourself how can you ever share that with others, You need to feel the process you are growing through. Emotion is one of the most important parts of growth. With out emotion there is no motion. We all need motion in order to function. 

    Spiritually we need to be at peace with ourselves . A lot of people like to dwell in the past . There spirit lies in the hope that they will find the emotion to move on. We need to understand we can’t change the past. We can make sure the future is different. Take our life experiences and share them with others as if the past was a gift. Good or bad it is your past. You can use it to grow and to help others grow. I choose to use my past as a tool to help others grow into their  given potential.

    I will tell you I :

  • I eat healthy everyday
  • I exercise on a regular basis
  • I show emotion in every aspect of my life
  • I believe in the power of sharing
  • I always give  generously 
  • I believe in myself
  • As long as I keep up all of these things i will achieve great things in my life


    Everybody holds this potential in themselves. I think it is time to share it with the world.

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    When is it Time to Let Go?




    When ending a relationship of any kind ,When is it Time to Let Go?  I get confronted with this situation all the time. I think there is an appropriate time to let go. For everybody the answer may seem different. We all heal differently . What is good for some is not always good for others. I think the longer we focus on something the harder it is to get past it.

    You are what you focus on . If you spend your days thinking about the other person , of course you will feel sadness all day. Why would you want to feel like that all day? If you sit and wonder if they are thinking of you and what are they doing really isn’t doing anything productive for yourself. 

    I am going to list some tools that you can use to help you get past any kind of relationship that you are ending:

    • Understand what the  attachment is to that person to begin with.
    • If you are feeling sadness ,Get in touch with why you are feeling sad.
    • Send a letter of GRATITUDE … Let them know things that you got out of the relationship that was healthy and that you just wanted to acknowledge  that. That will make you think positive about why they were in your life to begin with.
    • FORGIVE… If was a bad relationship for you, forgiveness is a healthy way to let go.
    • Find something to take up your time. Look to see where you can improve on yourself. 

    It is very important at this time to take the time to focus on yourself. This is the time to be a little selfish. Are you eating healthy? Do you exercise? Do you take the time to make yourself feel good? This isn’t something you should just do when you are ending a relationship. These questions you should ask yourself all the time. You are the only person that can take the best care of yourself.

    The beyond freedom program has great tools to help you succeed in all areas in you life.

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    Don’t Let One Thing Put a Dent in The Day

    How many times has a day been going well and then suddenly one thing goes wrong? You let that one event spiral into a whole day gone bad.

    Don’t Let One Thing Put a Dent in The Day.

    I used to be the kind of person that if I woke up groggy, that’s was it. I allowed it to rule my day. I used it as an excuse to control my attitude for the rest of the day. Some people do this their whole lives. Example you wake up and get out of bed and stub your foot. You go into the kitchen and then drop the coffee mug. Although one had nothing to do with the other you connect the two and think the rest of the day will go this way. You have now put the energy out there that your day is going to be full of bad events. When in actuality that isn’t the case at all.

    You have a choice in life how you will react to any given situation. I choose to respond in stead of react. A reaction is an immediate response to something. Responding you actually take the time to think about how you want to react.

    I have friends that walk around with the attitude that they attract bad luck. I don’t believe that to be true at all. If you see the bad in everything it will seem like bad is always around you . You are what you think about. It would make sense if that statement is true to focus your time and energy on good thoughts. You need to project good energy in order to receive that good energy back.

    I make it a practice to find the good in every given situation . Even when it seems impossible to do, look real hard it is there. You can learn something from everything. Learning means growth. Growth is positive. Growth is a big part of personal development.

    What do you think about?

    Can you see the positive in any given situation?

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    Day 36 – Always Room to Grow

    I try to keep in mind that there is Always Room to Grow. Everyday I learn something new about myself. I have learned that I am even stronger than I thought. Everyday I am grateful for my growth. I except the change and look forward to more.

    That is very important for us to acknowledge the growth that we have. Except the change and open yourself up for more. It is amazing the feeling of growth. You are never to old to change your ways. Using the excuse that i am set in my ways is a poor excuse. That is a big cop out. That is the lazy mans excuse not to change.

    Lee Brower gave use an example of having pringles. Pringles are like little goals you set for yourself. Little so you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. When you are successful with a pringle, Celebrate. No pringle is to small to celebrate.

    When I became a associate of Liberty League my husband and I celebrated. When I received my Beyond Freedom program in the mail, My husband and I celebrated. When I posted my first blog post, you know it another celebration. Who doesn’t love to celebrate.

    What may seem so small to others may be a big deal to you. Don’t worry so much about what others think of your progress. The only person that matters is you. You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see. I look in the mirror everyday and I am proud of what I see!

    What do you see?

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