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Reality . . . What is Reality ?

Do you already understand that everybody’s reality is different ? What is real to you might no exist to someone else.  Reality is based on you perception of life .

That is where judging people comes in . We tend to judge people all the time . They way the look , act  and even smell . But the fact is everybody is entitled to be different . We tend to be uncomfortable with things we have little knowledge on . Most humans don’t want to change their perception of reality  . They rather spend their time judging others then educating themselves about them .

So , What is Reality ?

Reality, in everyday usage, means “the state of things as they actually exist.”[1] Literally, the term denotes what is real; in its widest sense, this includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense includes being and sometimes is considered to include nothingness, as well. By contrast, the term existence is often restricted solely to being (compare with nature).

So from the definition we understand that reality is the state of things as they actually exist FOR YOU !


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Is addiction a disease?

I watched True Life I am a addict .  As I watched I realized that they are miss informing people that are addicted to drugs. I couldn’t believe it. I myself come from a home that has been exposed to rehab and addiction. I realize that they had given us the wrong information about addiction.

Is addiction a disease?


Paul Lim

Photographer : Paul Lim



When you call something a disease it means a disorder of structure in a human.  Like cancer , Aids and bacterial meningitius are good examples of disease. Drug addiction was a poor choice that spiraled out of control. I will not deny that long term abuse does have  capabilities of permanent damage.  But it still is a choice. 

In recovery you are told how hard it is going to be . That it is going to be a struggle the rest of your life. You will always be a addict. How is that possible? How can anybody recover with negitave reinforcement? They are never informed that life is a choice everyday. That it doesn’t have to be hard. Once they are passed the detox stage they just have to create new habits. They should be told how easy it is to make a choice. It is just like waking up a deciding what clothes you are going to wear. 

Once you are sober you are no longer a addict nor are you a person in recovery. That is an excuse to set yourself up for failure. They are telling you it is harder to stay sober than be a junkie. The fact of the matter is it isn’t hard at all. I know plenty of “addicts” that woke up one day and decided that they were done with that part of there lives. They are clean to this day , years later. They never look back , nor consider themselves a recovered addict. You put a label on it and you will have to live up to that label for the rest of your life. 

Why would you want to start everyday with the energy that life is going to be hard and a struggle? I know that I start my day with gratitude. I have thoughts that life is good and I can create anything I want for myself. I would love to change the way they do recovery .Remind people of what life is all about. Struggle is NOT the answer!

Society likes to be able to label everything , most of them are labeled instead of cured. Stop being conditioned by society and Step out of your box! Life is there just grab it!

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Being Proud of Who You Are.

Most of the time we think we are proud of who we are. Then we come in contact with someone or something that makes us compromise who we are. Second guess oursleves. We think a little less of ourselves. Then we aren’t so proud. Well it is time to realize that you need to be proud of who you are no matter what other peoples reality is! You can not let negative outside influences make you doubt yourself. What you mistake for advice is really just negative energy. 


Don't let someone else's reality blur yours



Being proud of who you are is vital to your survival.

I have done a lot of changing , especially in the past 5 months. I think people think I have lost my mind. I am at a point that I don’t care one bit to how other see me. I know when I speak they look at me with this look on there face . Then they say I pray for you . Ha Ha . Do you think that they really take the time to meditate at focus to god and pray that the things coming out of my mouth come true. I always chuckle when I hear that. cause if they do really pray, I am grateful I have the extra prayers on my side. 

So the bottom line is. Not every bodies reality is the same. So don’t let others reality blur yours. Stick to your goals and dreams no matter what! No Matter what!  

They might try to reality check you , but who’s reality are they looking at?

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Create Action in the Middle of Fear

What are the excuses that are keeping you from getting you what you want? I am sure the best of  you think I don’t really make excuses it is just that this and just that that happened. When in REALITY they are all just excuses. When You create excuses it is really your fear just showing up. Yup it is true. Every excuse is fear looking you in the face. 

Create Action in the Middle of Fear

When I am afraid of something I see myself finding some reason not to have to deal with the issue. When What I really need to do Is jump in and take action. Take the bulls by the horn so to speak. That is the crucial time to make things happen. You have two choices . You can do something . Or you don’t. You definently  do not have TRY as a option.

Try is a word for people that Never get anything done. That is because there is no action in try. There is only action in DO !


Ready to take action

He didn't let fear take over. He did more than "TRY" . He Won!

 He did more than just “TRY” . He took action in his life.

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Is What You Perceive Your Reality?

Everybody sees things differently. Who is to say what is right or wrong. Then What becomes reality ? Is it the same thing ?

Is What You Perceive Your Reality?

Do you have the understanding that it is all a matter of how you interrupt things. How you see things can be very different from the person next to you seeing the same things. We use our past history to base our reality. We might be letting our past attachment to feelings hinder out growth. We think because we had the experience once it could happen again. But in all ” Reality” We are creating that to happen with just our thoughts. The more we feed into what our reality should be , the universe Will put it into play.


NYAME DUA  "tree of god" – altar  symbol of God's presence and protection





So just listen in on yourself. Pay attention not to focus your thoughts on anything other than wonderful things. That is what you want to create for your reality . Step out of the box and create a remarkable reality.

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Perception is Reality or isn’t it?

At the conference today  with Andy Andrews a topic was brought up. Perception. It is reality or not? I guess it all depends on how you look at things. I understand that the way you perceive things bases your beliefs on things. But are you perceiving things for what they really are?

Perception is Reality or isn’t it?

So really you have to think to yourself , if they way I see things aren’t reality what is? Who decides what is reality and what is not. How can we tell the difference. Well my answer to you is this, If you believe it to be true then it will manifest to happen. You know the saying what you focus on you will attract to you. That is the same as your perception of reality. What you make your reality you will attract to you.

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Be Someones Hero

Don’t be afraid to help someone open their eyes to reality. People walk around and let life live them everyday. Not until someone opens their eyes to reality do they see what their life has become. For some the path they followed isn’t the best choice in life . Most people are afraid to cross the line and show them the light. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Someones Hero.



Be a Friend ... Be a Hero

Be a Friend ... Be a Hero



You crossing the line can save a life. I listen to people say they are a good friend . To me a good friend doesn’t help their friends in making mistakes in their lives. They are the ones to steer there friend in the right direction. They are the ones that risk the friendship in crossing the line. 

For me I’d rather loose the friendship in trying to save a life .They can end the friendship because I crossed the line, but deep down they know I did it out of friendship. The truth hurts especially when you have denied it for so long. 

Showing people the truth in life has it’s consequences. I as a friend am always willing to take that risk , Are you? 

can you step out of your box to save a friend?

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Why Does Nobody Want To Be The Bad Guy???

It seems to me that people like to claim friendships , but when it comes down to it they an enabler. When you have a friendship and your friend is headed for rock bottom do you let him fall ? Or do you reach out and do something about it. What is crossing the line in helping a friend out. 

Why Does Nobody Want to be the Bad Guy???


If your friend starts to gain a large amount of weight do you say something? Is it being the bad guy by showing someone you care for their health. If your family member has a drug problem , do you involve the whole family and have an intervention? Or is that crossing the line ? These situations make people feel like being the BAD GUY. When in reality it makes them the HERO .This is when people count on your trust the most. When they are no longer capable to judge for themselves. They can’t see things for what they really are. That is when you are supposed to step in and be bold and help them see the light.

Remember it is about being the 


Step out of the box and save a life.


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