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Allow the universe to bring it to you !


We're back !

We're back !

I kept struggling with the fact that I wanted to have this big close family . Never even considering that I had this part of my family that I didn’t have connections with for some more than 15 years . Well this past weekend I reconnected with my family . They do all the things together as a family that I would only dream about. Sure they are a bit dysfunctional . That is the beauty of it . We are normal amongst each other . I am so very grateful to have them back in my life. I am looking forward to creating many memories with them .

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Old Friends from Yesterday


He makes me smile

He makes me smile

On a day when I am filled with sorrow my son shines light in my eyes. He reminds how good it is to see old friends . He is almost 7 and he is wise beyond his years. 

I have seen so many faces from my past this week.  Some I wanted to see and some I can careless about. 

Some old wounds have been reopened. I am hoping that they can be fixed. 

I grew up with a large group of friends. We always considered each other family. Family and good friends know how to pick up where they left off. I have reconnected with some great friends. I intend to hold up my end on keeping the friendship alive!

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