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The Beyond Freedom Program

                    If it was for the commitment I have to work the Beyond Freedom Program , I am not sure how vertigo would effect my life. I am grateful in so many ways to have the beyond freedom program in my life. When i woke up Friday morning and I realized that i might have vertigo I had to make a decision. I had to decide weather or not I was gonna let this little life interruptions rule me . Or was i gonna rule it.

The Beyond Freedom Program 



Are you ready for tha chance of a life time ...

Are you ready for tha chance of a life time ...



I have complete GRATITUDE that through the techniques that I have learned I will remain in control. By Saturday I was understanding that this may last a little bit. Am I gonna sit home and feel bad for myself. NO. Not me. I spent the day Saturday figuring out how to function with vertigo. As the days go by I have come to realize that some days are better than others. No matter what I still smile. The reality of it is I am still a healthy and happy person. 

All it takes in life to be happy is to make a choice and live it ! 

I made my choice …. I love life and enjoy living it !

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