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Are You Telling Your Story?

I would like to think I am telling my story. Are you telling yours? It is very important to tell and share your stories. It helps inspire people . I have a great story to share.

While I was in Hawaii , My neighbor on the first floor in my building had called me. I had missed her call. She is in her 80’s. I am very fond of her. So when I realized that I missed her call , I called her right back. She could not believe that I would take the time to call her while I am on vacation. Why wouldn’t I is what I think. Anyway her T.V. wasn’t working and she wanted to know if when I  get  back if I can look at it. Well she decided  to just call my husband and ask him to come down and take a look. It was shot, done , ready for the electronic cemetery.

So , My husband calls me later that day to tell me what had taken place . He said he went down realized the T.V. wasn’t worth fixing and offered to buy her a new one. In her own words” Like he was just gonna get a glass of water” She was so taken back by his offer she didn’t know how to act. My neighbor is far from poor. We know that but that wasn’t the point.
My husband was sadden by the fact that it was such a shock to her that someone would want to do something that nice. She didn’t want us to buy the new T.V.  So I got home the next day and stopped by to see her. She is telling me what a rough day is was . How sad she was it was her wedding anniversary . Her husband is no longer with us. So I told her that we had already bought her a T.V. She was not happy. But if we didn’t do it she wouldn’t have done it for her self.

Today she calls me . Thank you , thank you. She says” I have no words to say about how I feel about you and your husband”

What she doesn’t realize is that her loss of words says it all !

Be generous , and the universe will bring it back!

Thank you Liberty League

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