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10 years with the Love of my Life

Today I celebrate 10 years of marriage to my best friend. We have come so far in these past ten years . We understand what it means to stick it out. It wasn’t always a walk in the park .We were both willing to do all it takes to have a successful marriage. That is exactly what we have. 

We understand how to open up and really share all of who we are with each other . I am so grateful to have my husband in my life . I am excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with him ! 

Chris ,

You are my everything . I wouldn’t even ponder the thought of what life would be like without you . You have taken care of me for the past 10 years . I only thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to live the life we have together . With you I have come to realize that we can make our wildest dreams come true . I am looking forward to seeing what we can create together . I love you yesterday , today and tomorrow . 


Family time is most important !

Family time is most important !

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Getting Engaged…

Will you?

Will you?



   I want to take a moment and congratulate you on your engagement. It is a most exciting time in your life  . I want to share some great secrets  to marriage that I have learned in the past 9 years  . I wish someone would have do this for me. I want you to keep this  and refer back to it at least 2x a year. That way you don’t forget the things I am going to share with you.    OK  now that we got past all of that here we go.

 Getting engaged…


  • Remember it isn’t 50/50 on everything. It is 100/100 . That way you both know you are putting your all into everything you do. 
  • Make sure you speak and understand each other at all times. refer back to my post on The Key to a Strong Relationship is Speaking the Same Language
  • When you are talking and you loose your attention , Be honest instead of saying you heard everything.
  • Don’t play games in hoping they will guess what you are thinking.
  • If you have a need or a want , share that information. They will never find out on there own. 
  • Make sure you have the same goals for your family 
  • have a good understanding how you’ re going to raise your children , if you desire them.
  • Remember you both play for the same team.
  • Realize when you say I do , your immediate family connection has changed. It is no longer mommy or daddy that is your next in kin. 
  • always make sure you have your partners back no matter what. 

Just a litlle side note. Your not really married till you have kids. That is when the fun begins.




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I have the Most Incredible Husband in the World. Yes ladies I do!

As I sit here and think to myself what a great life I have. I really have to have gratitude for my husband. We are married 9 1/2 years. We know each other since we were little. Real little. People had their doubts about our marriage it lasting . Well I am happy to announce that we have a forever lasting relationship. I got exactly what I asked for.I also knew what I wanted my husband to be like. I guess at a young age I put it out there in the universe what kind of husband I wanted. What kind of Dad I wanted for my kids. 



I have the Most Incredible Husband in the World.

Yes ladies I do! 

He is the most amazing man in the world. He is my very best friend. My be me at all times guy. We have grown together in such a way that we are each other. We know exactly what is going on in each others minds. Which is perfect when wanting the same things out of life. He speaks Puppy and understands Canary.  I am grateful for that. I love he grows when I grow. We never leave each other behind in a growth in our lives. 

We are creating our lives together ever day. It never stops. We are gitty and excited about life. We have learned the real secrets to a amazing life. Some people will never get it in their lifetime. 

For that We are both Truly Grateful .

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Day 54 – I am Taking Charge of My Life

I am feeling the pressure of succeeding. School is about to start soon and i am still here in this crappy apartment. How am I going to change my situation? I am pondering with myself over and over. 

I decided that i need to be more aggressive with myself.


I am stronger than I look

I am stronger than I look



I am Taking Charge of My Life !

Nobody is going to do this for me. I need to own my life. Take what I showed up for. That is health, wealth, happiness and an abundance of money. I do own 3 out of 4 at the moment. The money is the challenge. Really it is only a challenge because I was making it one. It can be easy if I just take my ideas and believe with all my soul that I am successful.

I have an amazing support system. My husband is the most amazing man in the world. He supports me and encourages me to follow my dreams. He is willing to take all the steps it takes for us as a family to be successful. I couldn’t have wanted more in a partner. I have to show him that he made no mistake in taking a chance on my dreams. 

Be. Do. Have.

I am Taking Charge of My Life

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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

strong marriage

I have been married for 9 years this past May. It hasn’t always been a a walk in the park. When my husband and I said “I do”… we took that to heart. We had decided that no matter what we will do everything it takes to have a successful marriage. So about 4 years into out marriage we decided we are going to need some extra support in having a strong marriage. The “extra help” had given us some tools to use. I was able to pull together the

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

  1. Stay honest.
  2. Speak your mind when you are thinking it. If you wait to long your spouse might not understand where you are coming from.
  3. Be truthful, sometimes brutal honesty is the only type of honesty. The truth hurts, so it isn’t always easy.
  4. Stay friends- don’t forget why you got married to begin with.
  5. Spend quality time together. Go on a date once a week.
  6. Laugh together.
  7. Sit down every few months and re-evaluate your life goals. Make sure you are always on the same page. Support each others goals and dreams.
  8. Don’t compare your marriage to any other. Every relationship is different.
  9. Have sex regularly. That leaves no room for fighting over that!
  10. Be in love … Not just have love for each other.

We had caught slack for having a strong marriage. I had heard to many times that we all can’t be perfect like Dana & Chris. Well folks… perfect we are not. Truly committed ….we are.

Committed to each other. We knew we had to try everything before we walk away from a marriage that we put all of ourselves into. We also had 2 children that would be damaged for life if we didn’t at least try.

So here we are 5 years later and stronger than ever. Do we fight?…. I wouldn’t call it fighting anymore. It is more like debates. I couldn’t imagine at this point in my life wanting to share it with anybody else but Chris. We share the same goals in life. We both want a life of abundance. We support each other in all our dreams. We are powerful as a team. We are successful because we want to be!

reason to keep it strong

Outrageous Riches Now

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