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Do you talk a good game , But have no desire to play in that game

A lot of people like to talk a good game,

Very little attempt playing in it. 

Are you the type that gives great advise but never takes your own. I used to be like that. I would present how great life is and how easy it is to achieve . Up until this past year I  was all game no play. This year I am all in the game. I am a key player in my game of life. A matter a fact I am the only player to my game.

How many of you have to many players in ” YOUR” life ?


           You know the saying to many cooks can spoil the pot . Well to many key players in your life leave very little control for yourself . You should be the only one making big choices in the game . Yeah sure you can ask for advise . But remember people give advise off of their own experiences . So they might not mean to give you the wrong advise. But it does happen .  Are the people helping you worthy of your life ?

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Is addiction a disease?

I watched True Life I am a addict .  As I watched I realized that they are miss informing people that are addicted to drugs. I couldn’t believe it. I myself come from a home that has been exposed to rehab and addiction. I realize that they had given us the wrong information about addiction.

Is addiction a disease?


Paul Lim

Photographer : Paul Lim



When you call something a disease it means a disorder of structure in a human.  Like cancer , Aids and bacterial meningitius are good examples of disease. Drug addiction was a poor choice that spiraled out of control. I will not deny that long term abuse does have  capabilities of permanent damage.  But it still is a choice. 

In recovery you are told how hard it is going to be . That it is going to be a struggle the rest of your life. You will always be a addict. How is that possible? How can anybody recover with negitave reinforcement? They are never informed that life is a choice everyday. That it doesn’t have to be hard. Once they are passed the detox stage they just have to create new habits. They should be told how easy it is to make a choice. It is just like waking up a deciding what clothes you are going to wear. 

Once you are sober you are no longer a addict nor are you a person in recovery. That is an excuse to set yourself up for failure. They are telling you it is harder to stay sober than be a junkie. The fact of the matter is it isn’t hard at all. I know plenty of “addicts” that woke up one day and decided that they were done with that part of there lives. They are clean to this day , years later. They never look back , nor consider themselves a recovered addict. You put a label on it and you will have to live up to that label for the rest of your life. 

Why would you want to start everyday with the energy that life is going to be hard and a struggle? I know that I start my day with gratitude. I have thoughts that life is good and I can create anything I want for myself. I would love to change the way they do recovery .Remind people of what life is all about. Struggle is NOT the answer!

Society likes to be able to label everything , most of them are labeled instead of cured. Stop being conditioned by society and Step out of your box! Life is there just grab it!

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Attention – It can manifest into something more that intended



give it attention and what do you see?

give it attention and what do you see?




             When you give it attention it becomes something I now realize that . I saw a comment on Facebook under a picture that I felt was cruel. I couldn’t help but to write what I felt when I read it. It was on Stephanie’s page but the comments were from 3 different. One being me , The first comment from a old friend and the 3rd comment from a hater. Here is how it went “Stephanie — you look great. OMG — is that Debbie behind you!?!” Response was” no its a shemale, dont you see the adams apple”, I replied back with “That is just wrong!” And this is what I got in reply “MIND YOURS, AND STAY OUT OF MINE !!!!!!!! LOSER”. Talk about an angry person. 

The point in me telling you this  , is for you to understand that I had no intention to bring attention to myself replying . But because I gave it my attention to begin with it manifested into ridiculousness. I have no intention to reply , that would be giving it more attention than it requires. At this point if I was to reply it would become a issue. It will manifest into bad energy.  

So when giving something your attention be aware of what you invite your way. Make sure you have good intentions the whole time of interacting during that moment.

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Do You Have a Problem Making Decisions?

Do you make decisions for yourself and not stick to them? Do you have problems even make a decision between what to do and what not to do?  I used to find myself making decisions for the wrong reasons. Always considering what effected others and never really considered myself. 

Problems Making Decisions


It is time to make a choice. Choose when making decisions to make them for the right reasons. Look to take care of yourself at the same time considering others. Lets not make decisions in your life that you feel in your heart aren’t the right ones. And when you make the decision stick to it. Sometimes it is easy to make the decision but hard to stick to it. 

When you have the ability to make a decision you are choosing to take control in your life. 

Are you in control?


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Be. Do. Have. Do you know how this works?




Be something before you do something and do something to have something. Do you understand what that means? In order to have something, you need to start at the beginning. You have to be something . Who are you ? What do you want to be. The first step is to figure that out. Once you have pin pointed that start being it. Don’t be afraid of it either. Embrace what you want.


 Then you can bring yourself to the do part. You start doing , Taking action.  See what it is going to take to get you the results you want. Are you stepping out of your box in order to make your do happen. Sometimes we have to make ourselves uncomfortable in order to grow. 


Finally you will have achieved your goal of having. Before your very eyes you will have achieved things you had never thought possible. All because you made a decision, Took action and have a result.


Be. Do. Have.

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Be the Cause in Your Life , Not the Effect

Some many times I would find my self being the one to blame for my unhappiness. When I took the time to look back at many disappointments in my life it would be me that caused them. How much time i had wasted. I can never get that time in my life back. But I will be sure to never let it happen again.

Be the Cause in Your Life , Not the Effect



You eat bad things , you get fat ..... Cause & Effect

You eat bad things , you get fat ..... Cause & Effect




I need to make sure I don’t place blame on anybody but myself anymore. I need to acknowledge my wrong doing when it takes place. That way I can move on in my life and not let the situations cause any unhappiness. Unhappiness is just wasted energy. I’d rather spend my energy on being happy. It is more fun! The more i focus on being the cause in my life the more things go the way I want.

           That is where the Law of Attraction takes place in the effect, Not the cause. As you create the cause the effect takes place. The universe starts working towards your focus . So focus happy and that is where you will be.

For ever in a state of gratitude.

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Be. Do. Have. Day 60

Beyond Freedom Journal day 60

Beyond Freedom Journal day 60

Wow, Am I at Day 60 of the Beyond Freedom Program already.

Time sure does fly when you are constantly moving forward. I am learning so much about myself and even more about others. Funny there is a big difference between doers and complainers. I think I am a doer. If I am unhappy about something I DO something to change it. That I think always separates me from others. I strongly believe that there is no point in complaining about anything if that is all you are willing to do is complain. 

Be. Do. Have.

I have been complaining that I need more leads for my business. Then I asked myself am I doing everything possible to generate what I am looking for. The answer was NO. I was Being , But I wasn’t doing . That is why I don’t have! So Today day 60 I am kicking myself into high gear. Nobody is going to do this for me. 

My life is by my design. I want to keep it that way.

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We Need to Focus on Every Aspect of Ourselves

When achieving greatness we need to remember there are several different area’s of ourselves. We just can’t achieve our goals in one area of our lives. 

We Need to Focus on Every Aspect of Ourselves.

We are capable of mental, physical , spiritual and emotional growth. They are all different. They all work together. When people choose to do personal development they almost completely forget about the physical aspect of it. 

In order to have a healthy mind it is very important to have a healthy body. It is very important that you are aware of what you put into your body. You physical health is vital to your mental heath . If we fill our bodies with fast food and junk all the time the body spends most of the time trying to figure out what to do with it. Then the mind doesn’t have time to work on the mental and spiritual parts.

So I feel that in order to progress with your personal development you need to reevaluate you life style. 

  • Do I eat healthy?
  • Do I exercise on a regular basis?
  • When was the last time I had a physical?
  • After you have asked yourself these questions you need to figure out a plan [goal] to make these changes in your life. More importantly how are you going to stick with it. Are you ready and committed to yourself. Are you ready to make a choice to change your every way of being. 

    Once you have gotten this area under control you can grow . You are know on your way to personal development. You have made a commitment to yourself. That is a big aspect in the mental part. You have now taken over your mind. You control your eating and your thoughts on food. Big step. Most people can’t achieve that for themselves.  You need to having the understanding that you control your minds thoughts.   what do you think about all day. What kind of thoughts do you feed your brain? Are they positive or negative? Did you know that you have a choice?  You are what you think and focus about. So It would make sense to focus on only positive things.

        We touched upon mental and physical which leaves Emotional and Spiritual. You need to become emotionally involved in yourself. If you can not feel the emotion for yourself how can you ever share that with others, You need to feel the process you are growing through. Emotion is one of the most important parts of growth. With out emotion there is no motion. We all need motion in order to function. 

    Spiritually we need to be at peace with ourselves . A lot of people like to dwell in the past . There spirit lies in the hope that they will find the emotion to move on. We need to understand we can’t change the past. We can make sure the future is different. Take our life experiences and share them with others as if the past was a gift. Good or bad it is your past. You can use it to grow and to help others grow. I choose to use my past as a tool to help others grow into their  given potential.

    I will tell you I :

  • I eat healthy everyday
  • I exercise on a regular basis
  • I show emotion in every aspect of my life
  • I believe in the power of sharing
  • I always give  generously 
  • I believe in myself
  • As long as I keep up all of these things i will achieve great things in my life


    Everybody holds this potential in themselves. I think it is time to share it with the world.

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    Be a Champion … You are in Control !





    I really learned a lot from Sam Crowley. I learned that I am in control. I am a CHAMPION. I remind myself that everyday. I tell myself every morning when I look in the mirror that I am the only person responsible for my happiness today. One of my pringles for myself is to smile all day. Seems like that could be a big pringle. It really isn’t when you are truly happy. So for me it is an easy pringle . 

    You need to lay out some ground rules for yourself:

    1. Think your a CHAMPION .
    2. Get FIRED up!
    3. You must smile. How can you feel bad when you are smiling.
    4. Open your mind. Like an umbrella it only works when it is open.
    5. Open your heart. Listen to what your heart is telling you.
    6. Get uncomfortable. We are in the situations that we get into because we find to much comfort in them. This is when we step out of the box.
    7. Emotion: Feel the excitement. Get emotional about where you are in life and where you are going.

    Those were just a few of the tools that Sam Crowley had shared with us that stuck out the most. I read these ideas over and over to myself. I remind myself that is very important for me to share my emotions and my excitement. It draws more of that same energy to me.

    When sharing the truth with people you must remember one important thing. You have to be able to receive the truth as well. Telling and receiving are 2 different things. It is easy to tell someone something about themselves . not so easy to hear something about yourself. Be more accepting of your own truths and it will be easier to step out of your comfort zone. 



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