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Setting goals … Do you actually complete them ?


Fresh out of the chair 12/10/08

Fresh out of the chair 12/10/08

I set this goal in June of 2008. I as part of the beyond freedom program I set goals for myself. There are three sets. Short , Medium , And Long term goals. My short term are meant to take action immediately . So my goals are to go to the Summit Conference in the Bahamas. Did that!

What  a bonus for a goal .

What a bonus for a goal .


The second is my tattoo. I wanted to get this as a thank you to my husband. For the past 9 years he has taken care of our family . We never went hungry and always had what we needed. I am not sure if he will ever truly understand how much I Love Him! 

So My third goal is a house. I know that is right around the corner. I am excited as it all falls into place.  If I say it is gonna happen I make it happen.

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