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Action – Don’t Look for the Quick Fix


Could we fly if they gave up?

How often can you get yourself to do something that you don’t necessarily want to do, to get something you want. Most people won’t even dare step out of their box. In order to have what you may see as impossible you have to challenge yourself. 

Don’t Look for the Quick Fix

Everybody would have what they wanted if it was that easy. Like they say nothing is that easy. The hardest part for almost everybody is stepping out of your box and sticking it out till you reach your goal. Most people that would say it didn’t work out for them or it wasn’t ment to be. Those are the people that quit on themselves. They had failed to stick it out. Sometimes the things you would like take time to acquire. But if you give up of course you will not succeed. If The Wright Brothers gave up on flying would we have air travel today?

Just remember what you do counts forever… 

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